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Outdoor and indoor recreation

Terme Dolenjske Toplice is the ideal location for active holidays. The green hills of Dolenjska the Lower Carniola region are full of opportunities for recreational or professional sports lovers.

Cycling, hiking, and Nordic walking

There is a variety of opportunities for cycling, hiking, and walking in the vicinity of Dolenjske Toplice. It’s your chance to enjoy breathtaking nature, year-round.

Hiking and cycling trails in Dolenjska

Dolenjska, with its idyllic landscapes and picturesque trails, offers many routes for cycling enthusiasts. Surrounded by green vineyards, forests and the Krka River, this region invites you to explore lesser-known but extremely interesting cycling routes. Whether you are a passionate cyclist or a lover of relaxed rides, you will find routes that will take you through picturesque villages, past historical sites and through enchanting nature. Experience unforgettable moments on Dolenjska's cycling routes, where activity, beauty and authentic experiences come together.

Adventure hike in a primeval forest

Make the most of your stay by hiking through the Kočevje woods of Kočevje and strolling among the vineyard cottages. Try your skills at Nordic walking, then relax your tired muscles with a thermal spring bath and a sports massage.


Snowshoeing is walking in through the snow with snowshoes. The once well-known snowshoes prevent you from sinking too deep into the snow. It is an excellent idea for an energizing winter activity. Snowshoeing makes sliding into a thermal spring bath or sweating it out in the sauna sound even more appealing.

Ball games

The lush hotel exterior offers a football pitch along with a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a handball court. The forest also offers an exercise trail, with a picnic place nearby for all your social gatherings.


Four tennis courts lie in the middle of a small forest, just waiting for you and your friends to enjoy a game of tennis.

Recreation at the hotel

Whether you prefer to exercise by yourself with the help of a personal trainer or by yourself using exercise equipment, the hotel offers a great opportunity for opportunities for both group and individual training. 


This group circuit Pace is a group training workout, accompanied by dynamic music, rotates alternating aerobic step exercises with hydraulic equipment exercises at equal regular intervals. This type of exercise helps burn excess fat, improves your fitness, level and strengthens the cardiovascular system. 


Performed either alone or in groups, this exercise requires a stick with two rubber bands – a gymstick. It improves flexibility, balance, and stability while working every single one of your muscle groups. It is also suitable for beginners.

Pool workouts

At the pool in the Vital Hotel and the Balnea Wellness Centre, our physiotherapist will guide you through an energizing water aerobics workout called AquaFit, accompanied by music, or perhaps a calmer training of group hydro gymnastics session. Water exercises are known to activate all muscles of the body muscle groups, improve endurance, strength, and coordination and also improve the flexibility of joints and muscles.joint and muscle flexibility.


Pilates is a holistic workout with an emphasis on more difficult to reach, smaller, less-developed muscles. It strengthens your muscles, helps maintain correct posture, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves physical fitness and coordination, as well as and helps create better foster self-awareness.


We start our practice at a beginner level. Each level includes asanas – body exercises and positions, and pranayamas – breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation.

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