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Health at Terme Dolenjske Toplice

Dolenjske Toplice is one of the most important rehabilitation centres for a wide range of diseases and injuries. In addition to programmes for the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and nervous systems, we have been known as an important health resort for the treatment of women's diseases for over a hundred years.

Treatment and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disorders

At the Spa in Dolenjske Toplice we offer a spinal pain treatment programme, gamma swing therapy – which rejuvenates the spin, as well as an osteoporosis treatment programme. For our youngest, we offer a rehabilitation programme for children with poor posture. You can also come to us for rehabilitation after hip, knee or ankle surgery, and rehabilitation for shoulder disorders and injuries.

Motoric system disorders

Nervous system disorders

In Dolenjske Toplice we also offer rehabilitation programmes for stroke, cerebral atherosclerosis, neuralgia and neuropathy.

Nervous system diseases

Malignant women’s diseases

Terme Dolenjske Toplice, which has a century-long tradition in the field of women's diseases, you will be assisted by specialists in post-operation rehabilitation for breast cancer and birth defects.

Malignant women's diseases

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For more information on the health offer of Terme Dolenjske Toplice, call us or email us. Also, check out our health resorts in our other destinations.