Pojdi na vsebino

1. 9.–30. 12. 2023

Treat yourself to a weekend of chatting and pampering with your girlfriends!

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  • 2 x half board, Hotel Balnea**** Superior
  • Unlimited swimming and sauna, massage Life is beautiful (70 min.)
  • Call our call centre (08 20 50 300) to find the most suitable date for you!
Girls, lets take time for ourselves
Wellness package from

31120 EUR

(2 nights, per person)
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8. 1.–30. 12. 2023

Programme include aspects of rehabilitation after recovering from COVID-19.

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  • 7 x half board accommodation
  • Examination by a physical and rehabilitation medicine specialist
  • Muscle testing, Functional testing – ECG, Spirometry, Blood work 
POST COVID program with rich content from

129100 EUR

(7 x half board accommodation per person)
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21. 2. 2023–7. 1. 2024

Art hotel with comfortable rooms and unlimited bathing in thermal pools.

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  • Unlimited swimming in thermal pools
  • The spacious and luxurious hotel bedrooms
  • Balance between the harmony of nature and diverse activities 
Relaxation between thermal springs
Vacations from

10500 EUR

(per person, per night)
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21. 2. 2023–8. 1. 2024

One of the top seven wellness hotels in Europe.

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  • The world of saunas
  • Unlimited swimming in thermal pools
  • Guided hikes, Nordic walking, yogalates
Pamper your body and mind
A romantic getaway from

54400 EUR

(2 nights, 2 persons)
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9. 2.–30. 12. 2023

This programme helps you relax and achieve spiritual and physical harmony.

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  • Relaxation rituals: sound baths with a gong, mediation
  • Treatments to improve mindfulness and vitality
  • Food to boost your mood
Sauna, breathing exercises
A program of meditations and massages from

41860 EUR

(per person)
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9. 1.–30. 12. 2023

Every couple needs a romantic getaway.

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  • Couple’s massage
  • Friday and Saturday romantic night swimming
  • Dessert for two and sparkling wine room service
Make time for your love
A romantic getaway from

46900 EUR

(2 nights, 2 people)
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8. 1.–30. 12. 2023

Reconnect with yourself again.

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  • 1 x free sauna entry
  • 2 x lodging with half board
  • Friday and Saturday night swimming
Nature welcomes you
Vacations from

25800 EUR

(2 nights, 2 persons)
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  • Relaxation in the world of saunas 
  • Exercises to improve mindfulness and vitality
  • Individual and group treatments to achieve harmony and inner peace
Relaxation, meditation, saunas
A program with energy therapies and massages from

55760 EUR

(per person)
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