The greenest part of the Slovenian coast with warm seawater.

Vacations from

5500 EUR

(per person, per night)

Discover effective relaxation techniques.

Relax with massages and baths from

77550 EUR

(5 nights, per person)

Program that includes relaxing, wellbeing therapies.

Relax with massages, scrubs, wraps from

63650 EUR

(5 nights, per person)

Talaso Strunjan

The renowned Slovenian health resort and thalasso-therapeutic centre is located in a protected landscape park on the Slovenian coast. With as much as 2,300 hours of sunshine per year, Talaso Strunjan offers numerous opportunities for both relaxing and active holidays, and of course the beneficial effects of the Mediterranean sea water, climate, mud, and salt.

Salia Thalasso Centre


At the Salia Thalasso Centre in Strunjan, we believe in working hand in hand with nature. All our beauty and relaxation services come from the natural healing powers of the sea, air, salt, and mud. Find out what makes them so beneficial for your health, appearance, and well-being.


Medical wellness programmes

Professional guidance to your well-being

If you have decided to take better care of your health and wellbeing, we can help you at Talaso Strunjan. Supervised by experts, our medico wellness programmes are a popular choice for anyone who wants to eliminate stress and stay vital in later years. 

Medical wellness programmes

Active holiday and adventures

There are countless opportunities for hikes and walks in Strunjan and its surroundings. Athletes will enjoy running and cycling along the beautiful Slovenian coast. You can also exercise at the hotel, either on your own or in guided workouts – both in and out of water. Check out all our ideas and offers for active holidays.



Talaso Strunjan lies right next to the sea, in the midst of pine trees of the Strunjan Landscape Park. The resort is just over an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. Nearby airports include Trieste, Ljubljana, Venice, and Rijeka.

GPS: 45.532674, 13.602677

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In Strunjan you can choose from different types of accommodation, from hotel rooms to your own villa.