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3. 1. 2024–12. 1. 2025

Excellent food, thermal wells and top quality wellness service.

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  • Relaxing thermal pools
  • A world of saunas with rich daily sauna rituals
  • Vitarium Spa & Clinique with quality wellness services
Relaxing in the middle of nature
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At Šmarješke Toplice, the beauty of the Lower Carniola region and its mild climate perfectly complement the healing effects of the thermal spring water. Based on a tradition of professionalism, we have also built excellent wellness Vitarium Spa & Clinique, for which we have received several high-profile awards in addition to the loyalty of our guests.

Iva Krajnc Bagola Smarjeske Toplice

Medical wellness programmes

Dieting and fasting under expert guidance

At Šmarješke Toplice we offer an excellently-developed wellness programme complete with medical supervision. With us, you can complete a popular weight loss programme or fast under professional supervision. All those who wish to live to the fullest in their golden years are invited to join the For healthy years programme at Vitarium Spa & Clinique. 

Medical wellness
Terme Smarjeske Toplice wellness Vitarium Spa Clinique sproscajoce masaze

Health and beauty

Wellness and spa

Šmarješke Toplice is a pioneering health and wellness resort. Indulge in the rejuvenating effects of thermal pools, experience our renowned saunas, and enjoy the beauty, relaxation, and health treatments of the renowned Vitarium Spa & Clinique wellness centre. 

Terme Smarjeske Toplice sproscanje v zelenem parku2

Getting active in nature

Active holidays

With its numerous walking and cycling trails and interesting attractions, the wonderful region of Lower Carniola invites you to explore. We always have several great suggestions for an active vacation, both in nature and at our hotels.

Active holidays


Šmarješke Toplice lies at an altitude of 169 metres above sea level, amid the forests and meadows of south-eastern Slovenia. The resort is just over an hour’s drive from Ljubljana (80km).

GPS: 45.868232, 15.242226

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Information and reservations

Terme Šmarješke Toplice

Šmarješke Toplice 100
SI-8220 Šmarješke Toplice

+386 8 20 50 300


The three hotels of Šmarješke Toplice have comfortable and lovely furnished rooms overlooking the spa park. The hotel has 5 thermal water pools and a top Vitarium Spa & Clinique relaxation center with a wide range of care and pampering services.