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Health treatment at Terme Krka

At Terme Krka, we are among the most experienced health centres in the field of medical rehabilitation of patients with injuries and illnesses. However, we don’t just treat health problems – we also take professional care of your well-being, relaxation, and beauty.

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Professional health services with a long tradition

All of our health centres have specialist physicians and other experts who continue to build on our many years of experience on a daily basis.  They provide effective rehabilitation programmes for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, neurological injuries and disorders, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Our centers

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Šmarješke Toplice

Diagnostic and specialist clinics with renowned experts and state-of-the-art equipment.

Hotel Balnea9

Dolenjske Toplice

In Dolenjske Toplice, many modern outpatient clinics are recognized by renowned experts in rehabilitation and treatment.

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Talaso Strunjan

At Talaso Strunjan, top quality health services are available, especially in the field of respiratory and motor diseases.