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A superb offer for an active time-off and relaxation at Otočec.

Active vacations from

31600 EUR

(2 overnight, 2 persons)

Hotel Šport**** is a synonym for excellent cuisine, diverse sports activities and picturesque nature.

Active vacations from

9300 EUR

(per person, per night)

Enjoy your romantic break and enjoy a romantic dinner.

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42580 EUR

(2 overnight, 2 persons)


Among the destinations offered by Terme Krka, Otočec is increasingly recognised as a the destination for active holidays among the destinations of Terme Krka. We have prepared numerous activities come up with a huge opportunity for relaxation through movement. Of course, there is no shortage of wellness offerings opportunities inspired by healing thermal water. 

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Adventures and recreation

You will never be bored at Otočec. In the midst of beautiful nature, there are many opportunities for walking, jogging, hiking, golfing and more. There is also plenty of guided workouts available at the hotels, and you will find the individual training equipment at the Hotel Šport already in the rooms. 

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Pools and saunas

An indoor pool of 200m2 allows for relaxation in the recognisably nourishing thermal spring water, while the view of the green surroundings gives particular pleasure. At the Hotel Šport, there are Turkish and Finnish saunas by nest to the pool.

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All about weddings at Otočec

One of the dreamiest locations in Slovenia is the perfect ideal backdrop for a perfect wedding. Choose the date, and we will take care of the rest.

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Organic Castle Garden

Local and quality

We planted our own garden near Otočec Castle. It is used by chefs from the Otočec Castle restaurants, the Hotel Šport, and the Šmarješke Toplice to prepare delicious and healthy dishes and local specialties. The garden is available for visits.

Organic Garden


The little island is waiting for you amidst the lush greenery of the Lower Carniola region, just a stone's throw from Novo Mesto and less than an hour away from Ljubljana.

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At Otočec, you can choose between two modern hotels with superior comfort and facilities. Both are in close proximity to wellness services, golf, and other experiences.