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Countless options to get active and healthy

Terme Šmarješke Toplice offers a wide range of options for exercising. You can set off into nature, enjoy walks and activities, and of course our hotels offer a wide variety of options for exercising. 

Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling among the vineyards and rolling hills of the Lower Carniola region is a great way to discover all of its beauty. Breathe in the wonderful fresh air while exploring its many paths. But don’t forget to take a break – in addition to enjoying the natural and cultural heritage of the region, you can enjoy culinary delights such as potica cake and štruklji rolled dumplings, as well as the famous Cviček red wine.

Hiking and cycling trails in Dolenjska

Dolenjska, with its idyllic landscapes and picturesque trails, offers many routes for cycling enthusiasts. Surrounded by green vineyards, forests and the Krka River, this region invites you to explore lesser-known but extremely interesting cycling routes. Whether you are a passionate cyclist or a lover of relaxed rides, you will find routes that will take you through picturesque villages, past historical sites and through enchanting nature. Experience unforgettable moments on Dolenjska's cycling routes, where activity, beauty and authentic experiences come together.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a safe and effective exercise suitable for rehabilitation and relaxation. Experienced sports instructors can demonstrate Nordic walking in the first Slovenian Nordic walking centre, or you can rent walking sticks and make your way along the 9 paths through the forest by a stream.

Exercising at the hotel

At the Vitarium Spa & Clinique, you can take a wide range of individual and group exercise spaces and equipment. Join us and, under the guidance of trained instructors, do something good for yourself!

Water aerobics is a pleasant and fun way of exercising that is suitable for all ages. Water exercises are known to activate all muscles of the body, improve endurance, strength, and coordination, and improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. 

Piloxing cardio workout

Piloxing combines the power, speed, and energy of boxing with relaxing dance moves and elements of Pilates. It is good for toning the body and increasing flexibility, while also intensively burning calories. Piloxing also uses weighted gloves to help tone and shape the arms, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system.


Our yogaworkout is based on yoga in day-to-day life. This is an exercise system divided into eight levels that progress systematically and gradually. Each level includes asanas – body exercises and positions, as well as pranayamas – breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

Yoga 4 Fitness

This form of yoga is a dynamic series of yoga positions (vinyasa yoga) for a strong body, a calm mind, and a courageous heart. The emphasis is on strengthening the body with quick exchanges of yoga positions (asanas) to improve flexibility, strengthen the heart and respiratory system, detoxify, and burn fat. This is enhanced by using a breathing technique that further heats up and detoxes the body. Yoga 4 Fitness is a great way to relieve tension, alleviate stress, improve concentration, and establish inner balance.


Improve your fitness level with the right cardio workout. Exercise on modern equipment of your choice, either with the help of a personal trainer or following individual programmes created by experts.


This group circuit training workout accompanied by dynamic music alternates aerobic step exercises with hydraulic equipment exercises at equal intervals. This type of exercise helps burn excess fat, improves your fitness, and strengthens your cardiovascular system.


The perfect programme for shaping those problematic parts of the body: the belly, butt and thighs. This workout includes aerobic exercises and carefully-selected strength exercises using a variety of equipment.

Altitude training

Hypoxic training takes place in a room with a similar concentration of oxygen as is present at 3,000 metres above sea level. This enables athletes to significantly increase their strength and speed, increases the breakdown of fat in the cells, improves physical fitness and the body’s immune system, and also reduces stress and fatigue.

Cardio training

This workout uses special equipment under the guidance of a personal trainer. We recommend that you perform a cardio test with us to determine your anaerobic threshold.


This holistic workout with an emphasis on more difficult-to-reach, smaller, and less-developed muscles helps build strength using the correct posture, strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves physical fitness and coordination, and helps create better self-awareness.

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