Sports training camps

Dolenjske Toplice

Training programmes and testing

  • Body composition analysis

    Body composition analysis is carried out with the help of Tanita body composition analyzer based on Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) and is used at numerous clinics and hospitals worldwide. The analyzer enables a painless, quick, precise and trustworthy body composition analysis. It only takes a couple of minutes for an individual to receive the data on the percentage of fat and water in the body, muscle mass, bones and fat, their metabolic age, body weight and body mass index (BMI).

    Cardiac testing

    Cardiac testing is performed on a bicycle so that heart rhythm is monitored during different levels of stress. The purpose of the test is to set the anaerobic threshold so that individual training can be adjusted based on results according to their abilities, and to indicate the newly acquired abilities after the programme has finished. We recommend a medical examination prior to testing.  

    Cardio training

    Aerobic workout with tailor-planned levels of activity enables a safe and efficient training of the cardiovascular system. The workout is guided and supervised by a trainer on cardio devices, such as a bicycle, a treadmill, Orbitrek, an indoor cross-country-skiing machine.

    Nordic walking

    Nordic walking is an excellent workout for all those who love spending time in the outdoors and want a whole-body exercise. The use of Nordic poles further increases calorie consumption for 20%. The workout is carried out on marked trails of different difficulty levels along a picturesque landscape.

Sports centers Terme Krka

  • At Dolenjske Toplice Spa, there are two swimming lines, reaching 50 metres in length, countless cycling routes and hiking trails, the Bela ski centre, a fitness studio, saunas, pools, a gym (at the nearby primary school), an in-line hockey rink and an outdoor basketball court.