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Mindfulness and relaxation programmes

Mindfulness programmes

Zen and Anti-Stress Energy programmes

At Dolenjske Toplice, you can try out the Zen and Anti-Stress Energy programmes for mindfulness, which include rich wellness services that relax and enhance your ability to focus.

Popolna sprostitev

Complete relaxation

Umiritev misli

Calming thoughts

Nova zivljenjska energija

New life energy

Vecja samozavest

Greater self-confidence

Why choose our programmes

Relaxation and meditation

How mentally prepared you are to change your lifestyle for the better has a big impact on the results of your chosen programme. That is why the content of the programme includes various techniques of wellness relaxation, which is of utmost importance. The ancient regeneration therapy of the sound bath with gongs and Tibetan bowls will relax and calm your mind, while the sensual forest bath will bring you closer to nature. Thermal water is also proven to be effective. High-quality services and professional staff with a listening ear will ensure your well-being. 

Zen diet

For over 3000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has recognised the importance of the five colours, five tastes and five scents for a long healthy life. At Dolenjske Toplice, we pay great attention to a healthy balanced diet. Our nutritionist will explain how eating foods of different colours helps people meet all their daily nutrient requirements and provides the body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs. 

Lectures and consultations

A consultation and discussion with a motivational therapist will help you cope with everyday challenges, fears and questions. To help you maintain a healthy life in your home environment after the programme, you will also have the opportunity to attend various thematic lectures and individual counselling sessions on motivation and lifestyle improvement during your stay (for an extra fee).

Sports activities

Exercise stimulates the circulation of life energy. With a sports coach, you will learn Nordic walking techniques while exploring the nearby forest and meadow trails to keep your energy in balance. You will practice focusing on the here and now.


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Choosing a goal

Do you want to restore your spiritual balance? Would you like to improve your physical fitness? Choose your personal goal and see how we can help.

Spiritual balance

Zen programme

Do you want to restore your spiritual balance? Do you need a complete break from everyday life, time to yourself, do you want to breathe again? Come to Dolenjske Toplice for its Zen programme where we will help you to make it all happen.

Zen programme

Fulfil your needs and wishes

Anti-Stress Energy programme

Are you active and like to spend time in nature? Do you need relaxation and a new impetus to face the challenges of everyday life? Welcome to Terme Dolenjske Toplice, where we will help you to fulfil your needs and wishes.

Anti-Stress Energy programme

One- and two-day programmes

Wellness pampering without a stay

Treat yourself to a little pampering, even if it's just for a few hours. Choose from a range of beauty services, treatments, baths and massages, as well as visits to the thermal pools and saunas.

One- and two-day programmes

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