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Antistress & Healthy Living

Responding to stressful situations in the wrong way puts your health at risk. We will practise relaxation techniques and pamper ourselves with relaxation therapies, pampering treatments and physical activity. Calm, healthy and happy.

Why choose the Anti-Stress & Healthy Living programme?

Razlicni strokovnjaki

Various experts

Zdravilni morski dejavniki

Healing marine factors

Izboljsanje splosnega pocutja

To improve the way you feel

Blizina morja

Close to the sea

Pocitek in odklop

Stress-free break and relax

Harmonizacija telesa

Achieve body harmonisation

»I feel the effects of stress on my back. Even if the stress is positive, the consequences of adrenaline and prolonged accumulation of the hormone cortisol are present. After the massages, I had the feeling that all the nodes in my body had relaxed.«

Participant in the Antistress & Healthy Living program in Talaso Strunjan

Who is the programme for?

The Antistress & Healthy Living package is for anyone who wants to identify the stressors in their life and deal with them in a way that does not harm their mental and physical well-being.

The course of the Strunjan program

Wellness pampering

Kozmeticne Nege Velnes Talaso center Salia

The programme includes many wellness services - baths, treatments, massages - that help to reduce stress hormones and lead our muscles and mind to complete relaxation. We will help you to correct imperfections and signs of ageing and make your skin radiant and hydrated again. 

Effects of thalassotherapy

Masaza fango Strunjan Talaso

Sea water, salt, sea mud, olive oil and natural essential oils from Mediterranean flora boost immunity and promote beautiful skin. Sea water plays a major role in the Strunjan programmes, as it is rich in minerals and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, while at the same time it does not contain irritating artificial mineral oils.

Strunjan Landscape Park

Strunjan mesecev zaliv

Our thalassotherapy center is located in the protected landscape park Strunjan, which is the crossroads of many hiking and biking trails. Here, sunny days are more the rule than the exception - Strunjan is endowed with as many as 2,300 hours a year. The sports animator will take you to the Bay of the Moon, to the Strunjan Cross, and you will also learn the techniques of breathing exercises by the sea.

Mediterranean diet

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The Mediterranean diet is good for physical and mental health, anti-ageing, improving general well-being and digestion, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and boosting mental fitness. It is rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, Mediterranean herbs, fruit and vegetables. The predominant fat is unsaturated, enriched with omega-3 fatty acids.

Let us give you a "ride" around Strunjan!

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A sea break with a wide range of wellness services

Antistress & Healthy Living

89650 EUR

  • 5 x half board accommodation
  • Selection of best massage technics and healing mud wraps to relax and unwind your body & mind
  • Motivational coaching session, relaxation breathing exercises by the sea, sound therapy and more
Programme contains
Sports activities

unlimited access to seawater pools
1 x guided Nordic walking by the sea (60 min.)
Nordic walking poles for rent (every day) and 1 x bicycle rental


1 x foot reflexology (50 min.)
1 x back massage with warm volcanic stones (30 min.)
1 x anti-stress head, neck and face massage (40 min.)
1 x individually tailored therapeutic massage with vibration of healing sound (60 min.)

Baths and saunas

unlimited entry into the sauna world
2 x relaxing massage bath (20 min.)
1 x sonic bath with healing sound of gongs and Tibetan dishes (30 min.)

Relaxation care

1 x Mediterranean aroma body scrub (40 min.)
1 x analgesic fango whole body wrap made of salt mud (40 min.)
2 x breathing and relaxation exercises by the sea (40 min.)
1 x individual motivational coaching and relaxation techniques (90 min.)


89650 EUR

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