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Talaso Strunjan offers a variety of accommodation options: Hotel Svoboda****, Villas***, Depandansa Vila Park****, Laguna Strunjan***/****, Vila Laguna Strunjan****.

Svoboda Hotel

Svoboda Hotel, Strunjan's central hotel, with a wellness and medical centre and a view of the saltpans.

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A hotel with a Mediterranean touch, in a peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle, with a view of the bay of Strunjan. It offers comfort and coziness, intimacy and peace - alongside the vibrancy of the hotel's everyday life and the joy of the beach.

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Perfect family time off is guaranteed in one of the five villas in a pine grove near the Svoboda Hotel with access to the full range of Talaso Strunjan services.

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Villa Park annex

This hotel villa is fully designed with the aim of breathing as easily as possible. The rooms are free of textile linings and carpets, and the amount of dust and allergens is minimized by the use of non-allergenic materials and cleaning agents.

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Vila Laguna Strunjan

The villa with a garden is designed for up to six people. There are three bedrooms, a spacious central living area with a kitchen and a large dining table, a terrace with an outdoor pool overlooking the bay of Strunjan, a sauna, a relaxation room – for massages and other treatments – and an additional terrace for rest and relaxation.

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