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Thalassotherapy programmes in Strunjan

Thalassotherapy programmes in Strunjan

Multi-day programmes with accommodation: Anti-Stress & Healthy Living, Thalasso Detox, Thalasso Selfness and one-day programmes with wellness facilities without accommodation: Spa Relax, Thalasso Anti-Stress & Spinalis, Spa Detox, Day Spa.

Thalassotherapy relaxation programmes

If you have decided to take care of your health and well-being, we can help you at Talaso Strunjan. Our professionally guided programmes are a popular choice for those who want to de-stress and stay vital. The packages consist of a perfect combination of expert-led therapies and natural healing properties that abound in Strunjan; the healing effects of the sea, sea air, fango and Strunjan's excellent energy.




Why choose our programmes

Using natural healing properties

Our programmes consist of wellness services where we incorporate Mediterranean ingredients; sea water, seaweed, fango and sea air. Natural seaside elements contain various minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and iodine) that smooth wrinkles, make hair shiny, stimulate blood circulation and accelerate cell renewal.

Relaxation and meditation

Guided breathing and relaxation exercises by the sea, a sound bath with the healing sound of gongs and Tibetan bowls, and an introduction to different relaxation techniques.

Sports activities

The seaside nature offers plenty of opportunities to discover the surroundings on foot or by bike. There are eight well-marked trails leading from Strunjan, totalling 80 kilometres in length. Explore the fertile landscape dotted with olive groves, orchards, vineyards and the mysterious karst world.

Strunjan Landscape Park

Strunjan is located in a protected landscape park which, with 2,300 hours of sunshine per year, is a rich source of Vitamin D. The energy points of the Strunjan Cross, the beach and Moon Bay are a valuable source of life energy. You'll also be amazed by the view of the open sea and the church in Piran.

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Healing marine factors

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Close to the sea


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Better lifestyle

Choose your goal

Looking for a relaxing retreat that is scented by the sea? Do you want to do something for yourself and at the same time decide to change your lifestyle? Visit us in the seaside resort of Strunjan, where we'll listen to you and help you realise your goals.


Antistress & Healthy Living

Did you know that reacting to stressful situations in the wrong way puts your health at risk? In the Antistress & Healthy Living programme we will practice relaxation techniques and pamper ourselves with relaxation treatments, treatments and physical activity.

Antistress & Healthy Living

Thalasso Detox

With body treatments, exfoliation scrubs and natural detoxification methods, you will help your body start the detoxification process in a short time, which will be further accelerated by a visit to the sauna and a detoxifying bath.

Thalasso Detox

Thalasso Selfness

Do you want to relax and feel better but don't have the time? You can do a lot in just a few days. Escape to our seaside retreat, where our wellness experts will help you go home reborn.

Thalasso Selfness

One and two-day programmes

Without accommodation

Treat yourself to a little pampering, even if it's just for a day or two. A variety of treatments, wraps, baths, massages, beauty services and saunas are available.

Wellness pampering

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