• Slim&Detox Premium

    6. 1.–29. 12. 2020
    Šmarješke Toplice

    10 nights from
    from 2486 €

    Body detoxification is an excellent method of restoring balance in your body.
  • Slim&Shape Premium

    6. 1.–29. 12. 2020
    Šmarješke Toplice

    7 nights from
    from 1793 € Medical wellness programme with a 20-year-old tradition.

    The advantage of our weight-loss programme is that it is completely personalized.


  • How many times have you tried to lose those excess kilos or to rearrange those curves and failed? At Šmarješke Toplice Spa, we offer you the help of a professional therapeutic team following all the latest medically proven ways and procedures of burning fat.


  • Due to processed food, smoking and the fast pace of life numerous toxins that can cause various diseases constantly enter our bodies. The first step towards wellbeing and maintaining health is thorough cleansing of the body that can be carried out at Šmarješke Toplice Spa. Get rid of toxins, cleanse your body and restore energy balance with our help.

Metabolic syndrome treatment programme

  • The extraordinary metabolic syndrome treatment programme at Šmarješke Toplice Spa, aiming at eliminating the diagnosed metabolic disorders and regulating blood pressure, is tailor-made. During the programme you will work closely with a physician, a nutrition expert and a personal trainer.

Medical wellness programmes in Talaso Strunjan

  • Unhealthy responses to stress put our life at risk. Our programme, carried out at Talaso Strunjan, will teach you how to identify stress and find the reasons for it, how to react properly to it, how to direct and manage it. In addition to learning several relaxation techniques, you will also be able to relax with the help of relaxation and skin-care treatments and physical activity.

Fit family - getting rid of bad habits

  • The programme, carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa, was prepared for families, especially those who are not only looking for water adventures at our spa but are also determined to make a step towards a healthier lifestyle. The programme, set up at Dolenjske Toplice Spa, combines theory and practice, comfort with convenience. Holidays can also be »fit«!

  • Terme Krka was the first one in Slovenia to establish a foundation for dialogue and collaboration between conventional and complementary practices with the primary goal of promoting optimal health and well-being. Physicians, nutritional and sports experts working closely with wellness experts have set up medical wellness programmes with the aim of improving the quality of life and preventing the increasing lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity, stress and metabolic disorders.

Arrival of the guests

  • »Arrival of the guests attending the programmes is from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning (till 7 am) as the prices from the regular offer are valid for these arrival times. For arrivals different from the previously mentioned times the programmes begin on Monday morning due to medical examinations, lab tests and ergometry.«