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Medical wellness programmes

Are you ready for total relaxation, weight loss or detoxing? Would you like to change your lifestyle? Do you want to increase your productivity and concentration? Want to have more vital life energy?

At Terme Šmarješke Toplice in the heart of nature, you can achieve even your most ambitious body goals. Our Medico wellness programmes have been helping our guests attain real results under the guidance of our medical staff and experienced wellness experts. Is you goal to lose weight, detox or boost your immune system? We can help you achieve all three–come and see!

Vec kot 20 let izkusenj v MedicoWellnesu

More than 20 years of experience

Izvrstna individualna kulinarika

Excellent, individual cuisine

Sportne aktivnosti vezane na reference

Sport activities tailored to your needs

Kakovosten program z zagotovljenii rezultati

A high-quality programme with guaranteed results

Izboljsan zivljenski slog

A better lifestyle

Povecanje samozavesti

Increased self-confidence

Why choose our programmes?

At Terme Šmarješke Toplice, we specialise in three core programmes that are based on you, the user – we have a personalised approach to each guest depending on their goals and particular medical state.

Relaxation and meditation

How mentally prepared you are to change your lifestyle for the better has a big impact on the results of your chosen programme. That is why the content of the programme includes various techniques of wellness relaxation, which is of utmost importance. The ancient regeneration therapy of the sound bath with gongs and Tibetan bowls will relax and calm your mind, while the sensual forest bath will bring you closer to nature. Thermal water is also proven to be effective. High-quality services and professional staff with a listening ear will ensure your well-being. 

Zen diet

For over 3000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has recognised the importance of the five colours, five tastes and five scents for a long healthy life. At Dolenjske Toplice, we pay great attention to a healthy balanced diet. Our nutritionist will explain how eating foods of different colours helps people meet all their daily nutrient requirements and provides the body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs. 

Lectures and consultations

A consultation and discussion with a motivational therapist will help you cope with everyday challenges, fears and questions. To help you maintain a healthy life in your home environment after the programme, you will also have the opportunity to attend various thematic lectures and individual counselling sessions on motivation and lifestyle improvement during your stay (for an extra fee).

Sports activities

Exercise stimulates the circulation of life energy. With a sports coach, you will learn Nordic walking techniques while exploring the nearby forest and meadow trails to keep your energy in balance. You will practice focusing on the here and now.

Sports activities

An active life is the key to success. Our qualified sports coaching team, fully-equipped sports areas and inspiring nature, inviting you to be active, are all available here at Terme Šmarješke Toplice.

Monitoring results

We will continuously monitor your progress, propose possible improvements and modifications, making the programme as effective as possible to achieve your goal. A key role in this is played by suitably trained healthcare, sports and nutritional staff.


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Choosing a goal

Do you want to strengthen your immune system and be physically prepared for any health issue? Trying to achieve weight loss and maintain your ideal weight? Or do you want to feel better through fasting, proven to be one of the best methods while caring for your health? Choose your goal and see how we can help!


I want to strengthen my immunity

Do you want to feel revitalised after a stressful period? The ImmunoRebalance programme provides active relaxation in nature and a chance to get away from all distractions, both electronic and those that interfere with your thoughts and drain your energy. 



I want to lose weight

Trying to lose weight, but having trouble doing so by yourself? Join our most popular expert-guided SlimFit diet programme diet with guaranteed success!



I want to detox

Fasting is an excellent way to detox the body and improve your health. But only if done properly. Our programme of healthy fasting is led by top experts.


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