Medical services


  • Strunjan, the green jewel of the Slovene coastal area with its peaceful seaside location, mild climate, and saltpan bay offers optimal conditions for a bioclimatic health resort.

Respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases treatment

  • The Talaso Strunjan health resort is the right place to relieve problems caused by pulmonary and rheumatic diseases as well as to treat conditions following injuries and surgical procedures on the musculoskeletal system. The typical seaside atmosphere has a very stimulating effect during treatment and rehabilitation, and also attracts many people who don’t have any serious health problems but wish to regain new life energy.

Thalassotherapy – curative powers of the nature

  • In addition to standard medical care, the spa programmes include thalassotherapy and employ other natural curative powers of the sea and everything else deriving from it. We exploit the seawater with its beneficial mechanical, chemical and temperature characteristics, the seaside climate with 2300 hours of direct sun radiation, and the pleasant air, sea salt rich in various minerals, and the healing sea mud.

Highly qualified experts and top-notch equipment

  • Talaso Strunjan is equipped with cutting-edge physical therapy equipment. Doctors specialized in physical and rehabilitation medicine and internal medicine, physiotherapists, nurses and masseurs make up a team that ensures a comprehensive intertwinement of medical activities in musculoskeletal diseases and injuries rehabilitation and respiratory diseases treatment.