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Saunas at Terme Šmarješke Toplice

The world of saunas at Terme Šmarješke Toplice is a paradise for those who adore warmth and luxury. Enjoy our wide range of saunas, then cool yourself down at the Glacier Fountain.

Roman saunas or caldarium

Begin your sauna at the lower temperature. This will get the blood flowing under your skin and relax your muscles.

Infrared saunas

The infrared sauna, also suitable for people with high blood pressure, has many health benefits. It helps detox the body, reduces pain and stiffness in the shoulders and relieves arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and skin disorders, while also soothing muscle spasms and brain damage. It has a beneficial effect on menopause and eliminates insomnia.

Exposure to infrared light makes burn scars heal faster, helps the body lose weight, and enhances memory. It helps those who are physically impaired and those who don’t exercise enough to strengthen their cardiovascular systems.

Air swirling

In our saunas, you will notice sauna masters vigorously spinning towels. This creates air circulation, ensuring an even temperature distribution throughout the sauna. It will also intensify the aromas of the stove, which have a relaxing, soothing effect on all our senses.

Steam saunas

A steam sauna – also known as a Turkish sauna or hammam – revitalizes your body by cleansing the airways, opening the pores, purifying the body, and enhancing blood flow.

Herb saunas

The steam contains natural herb aerosols and is suitable for both warm and cold effects. The herbal sauna will relax your overworked muscles and soothe your nervous system.  Enriched with medicinal herbs, the steam will also purify your skin and airways.

The White Carniola room

Relax in a rustic Finnish sauna with its characteristic pine scent, excellent for clearing your airways.

Glacial Fountain

After overheating in the saunas, rub ice cubes on your body in the Glacial Fountain. Begin with your extremities and move towards your heart. A pleasant tingle all over your body is a good sign of improved blood circulation.

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