Pojdi na vsebino

Health from the sea

The word thalasso is derived from the ancient Greek word for sea. All our thalassotherapy methods harness the power of the sea and the marine environment: the water, climate, mud, and salt.

The healing effects of seawater

Sea water offers more than just relaxation on hot summer days. Its mechanical and chemical properties and temperature have a positive effect on the body.  These properties are further enhanced by the sun itself, in particular by ultraviolet light. Thanks to our indoor pools with heated seawater, we are able to offer these benefits year-round.


Since there’s no better water than in the sea, when the weather gets warm, we invite you to the eco-friendly Talaso Strunjan beach.

Bathing in the sea helps soothe rheumatic problems and back and muscle pain, reduces inflammation, relaxes the body, and stimulates the elimination of excess fluids. It also stimulates the organs (liver, kidney, skin) which eliminate harmful substances from the body. These substances move through the lymphatic system towards the skin’s surface, where sea salt further accelerates their excretion.

Results of seawater analysis


Properties of seawater in the Strunjan Gulf

Water temperature

July and August: above 24°C
From September: below 22°C
Winter: from 17 to 7°C (February)

Chemical analysis

Slightly alkaline, with a pH of 8.3.
Salinity = 37.3 PSU
Conductivity = 50.8 ms/cm2

The water contains high concentrations of sodium cations (11,600 mg/l) and chloride anions (20,300 mg/l), which are characteristic of seawater. There are also elevated concentrations of Magnesium (1,480 mg/l) and calcium (428 mg/l) are also much higher, as well as sulphate (1,100 mg/l) anions. Other anion concentrations are much lower (below 300 mg/l in total). There is a slightly elevated concentration of iodides, but well below the limit of 50 mg/l.


The Mediterranean climate

The key elements of the pleasant Mediterranean climate are the sea itself, the aromas of the sea and the local vegetation, and the minimal temperature fluctuations (both day-to-day and throughout the year).

The Strunjan microclimate has many positive aspects: a favourable temperature (from 22 to 27°C in summer, rarely below 6°C in winter), low rainfall, no fog, and low relative humidity. That means the air is particularly suited to treating and alleviating respiratory diseases, as it strengthens the mucous membranes in the airways. The air also has low concentrations of bacteria, allergens, and pollution, as well as high oxygen partial pressures and relatively high concentrations of sodium, chlorine, bromine, and iodine. 


With 2,300 hours of direct sunlight per year, Strunjan exceeds the international health resort criterion by more than half.


Winds are also important: in addition to temperate easterly and south-westerly winds, winter and early spring are accompanied by a stronger wind – the bora - that helps stimulate asthma patients.

Sea salt

The Strunjan Landscape Park is known for its ancient salt pans, which are still used to harvest salt using traditional methods. The sea salt produced here is rich in minerals and is a key ingredient in various healing and beauty treatments.

Sea salt is good for the skin and helps alleviate dermatitis, psoriasis, and various forms of eczema. It acts as an antiseptic and antihistamine, suppressing allergic reactions.

Sea mud

Sea mud, also known as fango, is produced in shallow bays where salt water and fresh water meet. In the wellness industry, it is used for wraps, as its physical and chemical properties are beneficial to the body.

The fango is cleansed and heated before being used for medical purposes.

The thermal effect of the wrap is achieved at a temperature of 38 to 39°C. The mud retains a large amount of heat and releases it very slowly, allowing you to enjoy the warm, pleasant feeling for a long time.

While you’re relaxing, the fango is hard at work

The mud wrap improves local blood flow by putting gentle pressure on the skin and widening of the veins. Muscle tension decreases and connective tissue becomes looser, which helps relieve pain. Internal inflammation is also reduced, which is beneficial for those with chronic inflammatory disorders. The wraps also cause the top layer of the skin to peel, cleansing the layers underneath and accelerating the skin’s regeneration.

The various minerals in the sea mud (iodine, cobalt, magnesium, nickel, iron, sulphur and aluminium) are absorbed into the skin and disperse throughout the body. 

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