Pojdi na vsebino

Pools and the sea

At Talaso Strunjan, you can swim in the sea all year round  – in Strunjan Bay on warm summer days, and in our heated seawater pools all year round.

Seawater pools

From mid-April to October, we invite you to our 114 m2 outdoor pool with a water temperature of 26 to 28˚C. On colder days, you can enjoy our 432 m2 indoor pool, which is filled with seawater heated to 32˚C. There is also a 59 m2massage pool as well as a children's pool.

Strunjan Beach

On hot summer days, we invite you to our ecologically friendly swimming area, which has received a prestigious blue flag for 21 years in a row. The clean sea, green grass, and tidy rest areas are just what you need to really relax. At Strunjan beach, you can enjoy cold drinks, coffee and Mediterranean delicacies at the Pinija Restaurant & Beach Bar.

Safety comes first

For your safety, the beach is monitored by lifeguards from 8:00 to 19:00 during the swimming season.  A white flag flying next to the entrance to the swimming area means the lifeguards are in.

Pinija Restaurant

It’s just a nice walk along the beach to the new Pinija Restaurant. Right by the sea, on the most beautiful part of the coast, the restaurant offers authentic Neapolitan pizza, homemade pasta, and other Mediterranean delicacies. Our chefs make them from Slovenian olives, fleur de sel from Sečovlje, freshly caught seafood, fresh Italian mozzarella and other Mediterranean ingredients. It’s worth a visit for the stunning view.

Talaso Strunjan

Strunjan 148
SI-6323 Strunjan

+386 8 20 50 300

Check out our opening times and prices. Call us or email us for any additional information and we will be happy to answer.