Medical wellness programmes

When you decide to take care of yourself more seriously, it’s best to seek professional advice. Check out our medico wellness packages, which offer an excellent combination of professional therapies and natural healing. In Strunjan, it’s nature that heals you: the sea and the air make you feel light and breathe easy, and the exceptional energy of this place will give you vitality. Give yourself the time to come and participate in one of our programmes.

First-hand experience

First hand experience of Lara and Boštjan Romih

TV actor Boštjan Romih and his wife, architect Lara, have three children and busy careers with an unpredictable schedule. They found that without occasionally disconnecting from their daily routine, it just wouldn’t work. Learn how our medico wellness programmes helped them.

Lara and Boštjan Romih at Talaso Strunjan
26. 4.–30. 12. 2021

Program that includes relaxing, wellbeing therapies.

More about the package

  • 5 x half board accommodation
  • Back exercises, a scrub, a fango wrap
  • Nordic walking, water aerobics, gym
Lifestyle choices to slow aging
Relax with massages, scrubs, wraps from

63650 EUR

(5 nights, per person)
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26. 4.–30. 12. 2021

Discover effective relaxation techniques.

More about the package

  • 5 x half board accommodation
  • A medical examination, spirometry and EKG
  • A fango wrap, relaxation exercises by the sea, a scrub
Sea vacation
Relax with massages and baths from

77550 EUR

(5 nights, per person)
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