Pojdi na vsebino

Talaso Detox

A comprehensive, natural and effective detox with thalassotherapy

8. 1. 2024–12. 1. 2025

  • 4 x overnight stays
  • A wide range of services included
  • Make your stay both fun and good for you
Effective programme from

67880 EUR

(4 overnight stays, per person)
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Svoboda Hotel****

Svoboda Hotel, Strunjan's central hotel, with a wellness and medical centre and a view of the saltpans.

1. 4.–2. 6. 2024

from 884,00 EUR / person

3. 6.–30. 6. 2024

from 1064,00 EUR / person

1. 7.–1. 9. 2024

from 1112,00 EUR / person


Perfect family time off is guaranteed in one of the five villas in a pine grove near the Svoboda Hotel with access to the full range of Talaso Strunjan services.

8. 1.–29. 3. 2024

from 678,80 EUR / person

30. 3.–2. 6. 2024

from 765,20 EUR / person

3. 6.–30. 6. 2024

from 904,00 EUR / person

Natural and healthy

Talaso Detox incorporates non-invasive, healthy and natural treatments that have been used for this purpose since ancient times. The entire programme has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the body. In addition to detoxification, it also help with shaping the body, eliminatingwater from the body and reducing fat deposits and cellulite

Why not make your stay both fun and good for you?

A SPECIAL FEATURE of the treatment is that it intermixes specific medical wellness treatments with physical activity and relaxation, while all the treatments have an element of the characteristic Strunjan thalassotherapy, which in addition to being effective is also very relaxing.


Talaso Detox programme includes:

  • 1 x BODY EXFOLIATION SEA SCRUB (20 min.) → the exfoliation scrub has a deep cleansing effect, stimulates the circulation and production of collagen, while the oil has a rejuvenating and moisturising effect.
  • 2 x DETOX SEA ALGAE WRAP (40 min.)→ thanks to the high mineral, vitamin and oligo-mineral content of the sea algae, it nourishes the skin and has a detoxifying effect.
  • 3 x DETOX MASSAGE USING MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE TECHNIQUES (40 min.) → a massage that uses manual lymphatic drainage techniques to restore the balance of lymph in the body, remove water and toxins, and to alleviate problems with swollen feet and legs.
  • 1x REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE for diet and  detoxing / 30 min.
  • 1x machine LYMPHATIC DREINAGE / 45 min.
  • 2x / 20 min.
  • 1x body tissue structure analysis with a consultation with a personal trainer
  • 2x admission to the saunas ( 7 saunas, special IR detox sauna)
  • Swimming in a pool with heated seawater

Wellness center Vitarium Spa & Talaso

Wellness Centre in Strunjan is ideal for all those who want let the sunshine in and exploit the benefits of seawater. Beauty treatments, wellness programmes and unique thalassotherapy treatments, such as seawater baths, sea mud wraps, salt peeling treatments and massages with Mediterranean oils and herbs, pools with seawater, saunas and the sea itself fill you with positive energy, inspire you with optimism and a will to start living a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle. 

You will be happy to see how little you need to do in order to feel your best.

By using effective and tested thalasso programmes for body-shaping, you will feel better in your own body in a healthy and natural way, and thanks to the superlative wellness services, each service will not only be effective but also something to enjoy. There is still some time to summer, light and airy clothes and stylish swimwear.Make sure you feel wonderful and happy this summer.

Strunjan Thallassotherapy Centre

Only a few places in the world offer as many beneficial natural assets as can be enjoyed in Strunjan. The thalassotherapy centre is located in the protected landscape park of Strunjan, in the greenest part of the Slovenian coast, which is also where many walking and other paths can be found. The seawater, sea aerosols, salt, salt-pan mud, pine trees and other plant life, in combination with a Mediterranean diet, are all unique advantages of the green oasis in which Talaso Strunjan is situated. At Talaso Strunjan, we use all of these in our treatments, making your trip here a healing one. In a location that gets more than 2300 hours of sun per year, you will find countless ways to spend your leisure time in an active way