A healthy diet at Terme Krka






  • Terme Krka offers you a healthy and diversified diet. You can savour regionally distinctive and tasteful dishes made of high quality nutrient-rich foods.  

    We are what we eat. Our strength, health and wellbeing are defined by food. As we are well aware of this, we prepare dishes from organic fresh produce for our guests. We use our balanced and tailor-made menus to educate our guests and thus help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Suited to fit the needs of our guests

  • Culinary offer at Terme Krka is customized to meet our guests’ needs, wishes and eating habits. When choosing foodstuffs we consider the nutrition content, the amount of food needed to balance daily energy needs and nutrient intake, and the eating rhythm. Learn from our experience and let the good habits become your daily routine.

Detoxification programmes were founded because your health matters to us

Professional assistance

  • At Terme Krka your diet will be monitored by two nutrition experts Andreja Gril Novak and Janja Strašek. The advisers also organize fun and informative culinary workshops as well as useful healthy diet lectures for the guests.