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Terme Šmarješke Toplice pools

At Šmarješke Toplice, our renowned thermal spring water has long attracted guests who want to relax and feel good. Throughout the year, you can enjoy yourself in three swimming pools filled with pleasant 32˚C water. The two indoor pools, each measuring approximately 160 m2 in area, are connected to the 227 m2 outdoor pool.

Indoor pool

Two indoor swimming pools with an area of ​​160 and 167 square meters and an associated outdoor pool with an area of ​​227 square meters, with a temperature of 32 ˚C, allow you to relax in the recognized efficient thermal water throughout the year.

Exercise this season under the guidance of a sports coach:

  • 13:00: Hydro-gymnastics (Monday - Saturday)
  • 4:30: Water aerobics (daily)


Wooden pool above the thermal spring

The wooden pool above the thermal spring was built in the late 18th century and is a specialty of Terme Šmarješke Toplice. The pool’s structure is made of oaken planks, while the bottom is made of spruce boards. A special feature of the pool – named Mary's Bath in the early 20th century (after Queen Mary, wife of King Alexander of Yugoslavia) – is its constantly flowing water. In fact, the water in the pool is completely replaced within hours. This maintains a constant water temperature and ensures consistently levels of beneficial minerals.

A Whirlwind Bistro

Located beside the outdoor pools, the Whirlwind Bistro will ensure you never go hungry. It offers pizzas, grilled dishes, light desserts, and snacks. Freshen up with various flavours of ice cream, iced coffee, or a fruit cup made of fresh seasonal fruits.

Price list and opening hours

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