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VitaDetox – detoxification programme with fasting (7 nights)

An all-in-one detoxification programme that includes a diet, exercise and treatments.

14. 2. 2023–29. 12. 2024

  • 7 x full board stay
  • Fango wraps, detoxification massages, relaxing saunas
  • Nordic walking in nature, pilates, aerobics in thermal water
Vital. Healthy. Proud of yourself.
A professionally guided programme from

151839 EUR

(7 overnight stays, per person)
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Vitarium Hotel**** Superior

A high-class hotel with an ideal access to a wide range of medical services and a wellness centre and pools at your fingertips.

8. 1.–29. 12. 2024

from 1518,39 EUR / person

The unique detoxification program VitaDetox, monitored by a nutrition expert and a personal trainer, stimulates the excretion of harmful substances from the body and improves energy balance. A part of the program is tailor-made physical activity (PACE, Pilates, altitude training, cardio cross-training) because exercise has a positive effect on the excretory system as the improved circulation stimulates its function.

Package includes

  • 7 x full-board in a double room, 
  • medical examination,
  • condition analysis – cardiac stress tests, lab blood tests, body composition analysis, 
  • initial and final consultation on nutrition,
  • treatments: fango wraps, aromatherapy detoxification massage, saunas, lymph drainage, 
  • physical activities: Nordic walking or interval exercise, water aerobics, Pilates, cardio cross-training, 
  • relaxation and treatments: aromatherapy weight-loss massage, classic massage.

A wide range of healthy foods

  • Excellent light menus, personalized and tailor-made, suited to your needs and liking,
  • counselling and encouragement by a nutrition expert,
  • incredibly fresh and local foods bought from the local suppliers.

Contents according to number of servicesnights10 nights14 nights
Medical examination 1 1 1
Body composition analysis and measurements 2 3 3
Stress testing with a cardiologist (ergometry) 1 1 1
Laboratory tests 1 1 1
Initial consultation on nutrition 1 1 1
Lymph drainage (40 min.) 1 1 2
Sauna 5 7 11
Classic full-body massage (50 min.) 1 1 2
Fango liver pack 2 3 4
Aromatherapy detoxification massage 1 2 2
Treatments and relaxation   
Salt peeling treatment with aroma for detoxification 1 2 3
Detox massage bath 1 2 3
Physical exercise   
Nordic walking in the open air or interval exercise 5 8 11
Water aerobics 5 8 12
Cardio cross-training 4 5 7
Pilates 3 4 5
Interim consultation on nutrition  0  1 1
Nutritionist’s visit at meals 2 3 4
Final consultation on nutrition 1 1 1

Superb cuisine

In Šmarješke Toplice we are well aware that the quality, type, and location of production are important in food, so we prepare meals for our guests from the fresh ingredients of organic and integrated production. The ingredients are mostly local produce from the surrounding farms and the castle garden. The dishes we prepare for our guests combine two worlds of flavors - a recognizable Dolenjska region's diet based on our grandmother's recipes and a light wellness diet prepared in accordance with modern methods of preparing healthy food.

Choose Vitarium**** Superior Hotel

Comfortable rooms, spacious suites and a luxurious presidential suite for the most refined taste await you. Relax in the embrace of the unspoiled landscape with top-notch wellness services at the spa that has received the award for the best Slovene wellness center and the National Geographic Traveller Luxury Spas award.

Vitarium Spa&Clinique medical wellness centre

Vitarium Spa & Clinique wellness center, the world of thermal poolssaunas, popular peeling treatments, wraps, massages, and relaxing baths further enhances our offer. It’s a haven where stressed-out people come to unwind and recharge their batteries with the help of healing thermal water, sophisticated aromas and relaxing music. 

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