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Otočec Castle restaurant

The superb castle restaurant is a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs international gastronomy association. Here our culinary masters dive into the depths of the mysteries of traditional Slovenian recipes, enriching them with modern culinary findings techniques and upgrading them with their limitless imagination. In such elegant castle surroundings, you can expect only the best in culinary experiences.

Castle Otočec restaurant

Hotel Sport restaurant

At the Sport Hotel restaurant, we adapt our cuisine to various trends and the seasons. The high-quality dishes from the wide selection on offer consist of locally-sourced foods that are made from locally-sourced ingredients cooked in a modern way. The range includes everything from pasta to more complex dishes tailored to every taste. Many ingredients are made on our own in the nearby Organic Castle Garden, where you can go with your the hotel chef and collect ingredients for your meal.

Organic garden

At Terme Krka we pay a lot of attention to providing our guests with healthy and wholesome food for our guests. This was the inspiration for planting our own garden near Otočec Castle. The organic garden, as it was named for its proximity to Otočec Castle, provides our chefs with truly fresh, local, organic ingredients. The guests of our spa are also welcome in the garden. Read what it has to offer!

Otočec Hotels

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