Struga Castle

An exceptional monument of local to 16th century castle architecture, with its lively programme, gives you a Medieval European atmosphere, also marked by with a touch of the Renaissance and Baroque. Explore the castle, test your outdoor sports skills, listen to old music, or remove the veils ofand uncover history with your children.

Kostanjevica na Krki

Near Šmarješke Toplice lies a special little town – Kostanjevica na Krki is a place with the best of incredible natural and cultural heritage. With its idyllic setting in the middle of an island, they call it the Venice of Lower Carniola. This cultural historic monument will impress all culture lovers with exhibitions and a variety of art shows. It offers diverse activities for nature lovers. 

Novo Mesto

Admire the charming centre of Dolenjska Lower Carniola from different various viewpoints. Walk along a route or explore the old town centre and its rich cultural heritage. Take a stroll past the famous fountain on its main square, visit the Lower Carniola Museum and the Jakčev Dom gallery, and enjoy the Breg and the dreamy Krka River below.

Pleterje Charterhouse

The only remaining Carthusian monastery in Slovenia, the Pleterje Charterhouse is certainly one of the most interesting places in Slovenia. Its history, which has left a strong cultural mark on these places, can also be experienced with the help of multivision. By cultivating orchards, vineyards, and pastures, and vegetable gardens the Pleterje monks create highly prized products, which they also sell in the monastery store.

Land of Hayracks

The Land of Hayracks in the municipality of Šentrupert is the first museum of hayracks in the world. These freestanding wooden facilities structures for drying hay, grain and other crops are a special feature of the Slovenian countryside. A kilometre-long stroll through the museum’s 2.5 hectare grounds  area of two hectares and a half takes you through the history of the hayrack development and presents their different varying typology.

Ljubljana and Zagreb

When you want to enjoy a more urban environment, these two cities are only an hour's drive away. The capitals of Slovenia and Croatia – full of history and boasting a rich tourist offerrich tourism opportunities, invite  you to go on city urban adventures.

Vineyard cottages and wineries

You can also experience the authentic local atmosphere in the hilly surroundings, famous for their high quality wine, by renting a typical vineyard cottage. Relax while tasting homemade culinary delicacies, sipping Cviček wine, and enjoying the serene nature.

Kostel Castle

Kostel Castle is the second largest castle complex in Slovenia and the only one still inhabited. It played a major role during the Turkish invasions. The impressive fort, which rests on a 406-metre-high hill, dates back to the 13th century. Do not miss the infamous ghouls, gallows, and natural attractions such as Kurja glavica, Hribska stena and the Nežica waterfall.


The town of Žužemberk spans on both banks of the Krka River. Among the town’s cultural and historical attractions, the most famous is definitely Žužemberk Castle. The Market Town Days are always the most fun, when knight tournaments will take you back to the medieval times.


Home to the only Cistercian monastery still in operation in Slovenia. In 1428, one of the oldest preserved written examples of the Slovenian language, the Stična Manuscript, was created in Stična. At Stična you will be taken over by an enchanted by an exceptional architectural monument and its calm natural environment.