Cosmetic treatments

  • Painless laser procedures at the aesthetic surgery outpatient clinic and beauty and anti-aging treatments can help you eliminate those irritating changes that make you look older that you feel. Aesthetic procedures at Terme Krka are performed by internationally acclaimed specialists in general and aesthetic surgery.

Beauty procedures at our spas

  • At Terme Krka, we offer you an all-inclusive approach that includes relaxation programmes prior to the procedure, recovery with the help of special beauty programmes as well as discretion and comfort, e. g. room service. Minimally invasive procedures are carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa while cosmetic surgery procedures are performed at Šmarješke Toplice Spa.

Wrinkle smoothing with botulinum toxin

  • Botox is the right choice for erasing the vertical lines appearing between the eyebrows due to muscle contracting, correction of wrinkles around the eyes and vermilion border, and forehead wrinkles. By injecting botulinum toxin we can also raise the eyebrows, the so-called chemical brow lift. As opposed to natural fillers, botox is also suitable for wrinkle smoothing in the area with very thin skin, e. g. around the eyes. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa and Šmarješke Toplice Spa.


Effective non-invasive method for quick facial wrinkle and line smoothing. Immediate results.

Wrinkle smoothing and skin firming with the Pelleve procedure

  • Skin smoothing with the Pelleve radiofrequency procedure, which is based on painless and safe warming of the deeper skin layers, enables efficient wrinkle smoothing on the face, neck, cleavage and on the back of your hands. The method is also suitable for improving the condition of acne skin and for facial rejuvenation by removing loose skin and restoring facial skin firmness – especially around the lower jaw, under the chin, on the cheeks and around the eyes. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


Non-invasive and painless procedure for wrinkle smoothing can be combined with other rejuvenation procedures.

Hyaluronic acid fillers for correction of wrinkles, scars and lip augmentation

  • Natural fillers smooth out and fill in frown lines between the eyebrows, skin folds that run from either side of the nose to the corners of the mouth and separate the cheeks from the upper lip (nasolabial folds), lines that go around the chin (marionette lines), folds in the upper and the lower lip, and smile lines in the corners of the mouth. The fillers can be effectively used to lift sagging cheeks, reshape the chin and tip of the nose, or fill in acne scars. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa and Šmarješke Toplice Spa.


Natural dermal fillers from substances that appear naturally in the body are suitable for form correction and wrinkle smoothing and filling. Natural and safe!

Fat reduction with the help of injection lipolysis

  • Injection lipolysis is an effective, safe procedure suitable for getting rid of double chin and unwanted localised fat on the belly, back, buttocks, thighs, knees and arms. Results are long-term and visible within weeks. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


Effective, safe and almost painless fat reduction.

Mesotherapy for firmer and hydrated skin

  • As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. The skin loses tension, becomes dehydrated and small wrinkles appear which grow in depth in time. Mesotherapy enables us to slow down and soothe these processes. Mesotherapy is used for firming up the skin, increasing metabolism, toning up muscles, and improving microcirculation, which speeds up the breakdown of fat. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


Minimum amounts of active substances applied into exactly the right spot. For firmer and smoother skin.

Chemical peel

  • Fine wrinkles, freckles, acne, scars, ageing skin or skin showing premature signs of ageing due to sun exposure, smoking or other effects, can be visibly rejuvenated with a peel containing suitable, carefully chosen and safe chemicals. The procedure is carried out at Šmarješke Toplice Spa and Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


Exact and directed action of select chemicals. For removal of various skin deformations.

Removal of different skin lesions with the Pelleve procedure

  • The Pelleve non-invasive radiofrequency procedure causes no scarring whatsoever and is proven to be effective. The procedure is carried out at Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


For a safe removal of aesthetically unpleasant benign bulging skin lesions – even on the hairy parts of the body.

Organic cosmetics

  • Pamper your skin with the best nature has to offer. Susanne Melchiorsen organic cosmetic products, used at Dolenjske Toplice Spa, are completely natural and thus suitable for the most sensitive skin of all.


First-rate organic cosmetics Susanne Melchiorsen — so natural, one could practically eat them.

Examination by specialist

  • Before undertaking any treatment you can consult and be examined by a specialist in aesthetic surgery, who will alert you to any potential health restrictions. You can also discuss your misgivings about a specific treatment. Furthermore, at Šmarješke Toplice Spa you can discuss different aesthetic surgery procedures with a specialist.


Safe and professional surgical procedures for a more attractive look and a better self-image.

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