• Welcome to Primorska, the region with many faces which you simply have to meet. You will feel its Mediterranean rhythm on the Adriatic coast, whereas the fertile landscape full of olive groves, orchards and vineyards and the mysterious Karst world await you in the hinterland.

Become an explorer

  • Strunjan

    Strunjan has become one of the most idyllic places on the Slovene coast due to its exceptional position and natural assets. Mild climate, salt ponds, the sea lagoon and a wide range of quality tourist activities are just some of the reasons why fans of tranquil vacation and nature constantly return to Strunjan.


    Fans of Mediterranean romance will fall in love with this small but lively coastal town. The origin of its name is connected to the fact that it was once an island. Nowadays, Izola, marked with traditional activities, fishing and winemaking, subtly interweaves cultural history with numerous sport and entertainment activities.

  • Piran

    As soon as you set foot in Piran, the town which represents the most preserved cultural monument on the Slovene coast, you will get a fairytale-like feeling. The town tempts you to get lost in its medieval streets, walk through its small, lively squares and visit some of many architectural gems. Swim at Punta, treat yourself to a coffee with a film view and enjoy the smell of the sea and the past to the fullest.


    The biggest Slovene coastal town and an important port offers many cultural and historical monuments in its centre, such as preserved palaces and charming squares, natural sights and also many shopping opportunities. Koper can satisfy even the most discerning visitors with its varied programme of cultural, entertainment as well as gastronomic events.


    Portorož is the meeting point of day entertainment and night life being a well-developed tourist destination with centuries-long tradition. While jogging along the coast stop and explore Sečovlje Salina and the marina, take a swim in the sea or in a pool or choose some other sporting or entertainment activity. And for the icing on the cake, enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine in one of the restaurants on the coast with a breathtaking view.

  • Istrian Countryside

    Slovene Istria surprises a lot of people with its rich offer. This small piece of world comprises salt pans, extraordinary vegetation, cosmopolitan tourist offer and historical monuments. The outskirts of Koper, Izola and Piran offer numerous sightseeing points, pleasant villages, hills decorated with vineyards and little churches. Explore its cultural heritage and try authentic Istrian dishes.


    The Karst region with its peculiar natural phenomena, that are almost everywhere accessible to tourists, represents a wonderful dialogue of underground and above ground worlds. Discover typical stone houses - visit Brkine or karst village Štanjel, taste the local specialties - the karst Prosciutto Ham and karst teran wine in one of local wine cellars, and venture into one of picturesque karst caves.

    Only a short distance from Venice

    Venice needs no special introduction, yet do try and think of a film scene in Venice full of channels, bridges and romance. Come and experience the lively pace for yourself when visiting the most visited square in the world, St. Mark’s Square. Venice, the capital of Veneto Region, is today the centre of cultural events as well as an encyclopaedia of art history whereas in the carnival time it becomes the carnival paradise.

Each part of Primorska promises an adventure with a touch of sea romance, Mediterranean world and astonishing Karst region. The secrets of a dreamlike holiday are waiting for you to unveil them.

Do not miss

  • Hrastovlje with the Church of the Holy Trinity

    Visit the church with a unique art mark – the stone Church of the Holy Trinity. There is not a more thoroughly painted church in Slovenia. On the south wall, the most famous scene of medieval frescos in Slovenia is painted: a continued Dance of Death. The rare scene shows people dancing with skeletons before the grave reminding the visitors that life is fleeting.

  • Šavrinija

    The hilly region of Šavrinija, from Črni Kal to the sea, invites you to go for a ramble among the olive groves and vineyards. One of the most interesting ones is the village of Krkavče because it is built on bedrock. Walk the paths the local women used to take to Trieste till the end of World War II as they had to sell their products and produce because of financial problems.

  • Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

    The protected area of the flysch region will impress you with its salt pans and arable terraces that have always been typical of the Mediterranean world. Take a walk along the avenue of pines, swim in the lagoon and get to know other natural and cultural sights.

    Salt Pans Museum in Sečovlje

    The abandoned part of Sečovlje salt pans promises an unforgettable insight into the tradition of salt panning. The whole area has been declared a nature park. It includes a salt pan house with the museum collection and a complex system for producing salt – salt fund or salt field.

    Strunjan Nature Park

    More than 270 species of birds live in this unique salt region with the only sea lagoon on the Slovene coast – Stjuža. There is a unique intertwinement of plant and animal habitats. The most prominent park’s sight is the Strunjan cliff –up to 80-metre high precipitous cliff walls, which constantly change their form due to strong winds and rain. The most northern salt pans in the Mediterranean where traditional salt production has been preserved are part of Strunjan Nature Park.

If there was a fairy tale of Primorska it would be charming, mysterious, wild and authentic. Make your own travel fairy tale – by visiting karst caves, a stud farm with Lipizzaner, the church of Hrastovlje with medieval wall paintings, and salt pans.

  • Postojna Cave

    Karst cave system with the total length of 20,570 metres promises an unforgettable adventure. The world of stalagmites and stalactites and rare species of cave animals was created by the Pivka River. Proofs found here suggest that this world was visited as early as in the 13th century. Today Postojna Cave together with the famous Predjama Castle, magnificent, defiant, mysterious and impregnable castle that has been perched up in the middle of a vertical cliff for more than 700 years, is the most visited tourist cave in Europe.

  • Škocjan Caves

    Intertwinement of caves, natural bridges, waterfalls and rapids creates a fairy tale image of these karst caves which UNESCO put on its list of world heritage sites. Visit the Martel's Chamber, one of the biggest underground chambers in the world – the natural architecture deep underground will give you the impression that time has stopped.

    Vilenica near Divača

    This first tourist cave in Europe, known since the 17th century, was a common inspiration for poetry in the past, whereas today in its Dance Chamber the closing ceremony of the annual international literary festival Vilenica is held. See for yourself if fairies really live there.

  • Lipica Stud Farm

    The history of the Lipica Stud Farm and Lipizzaner horses is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs who ruled as many as 650 years over an extensive part of baroque. It gives insight into the tradition of breeding of Lipizzaners. Meet one of the most noble and gracious animals in picturesque surroundings with tree-lined lanes and vast landscape.

    Miramar Castle

    If you find yourself near Trieste, a popular shopping destination, do stop at Miramar Castle. You will be rewarded by the wonderful architecture of this monument which was Habsburg residence in the 19th century. Today it is a museum with a beautiful park with exotic vegetation and statues.


  • The Persimmon Festival (November)

    Come and visit the annual Persimmon Festival dedicated to the fruit which was named golden apple due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals taking place the first weekend in November in Strunjan. Try everything that can be made of this juicy fruit and while doing it indulge in good music and entertaining events.

Forget everything you think you knew about the Mediterranean temperament. Come and visit the local events and festivals and get ready to be impressed.