Explore the region of Dolenjska

  • Experience Dolenjska in all its beauty - full of winegrowing hills and forests. Healing thermal springs come from its depths and enable different treatments whereas hiking and cycling provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air while admiring the stunning landscape. Stop whenever you want to and enjoy not only the natural and cultural heritage but also culinary delights such as “potica” (nut roll) and rolled dumplings as well as the famous Slovene wine Cviček.

The land of noble heritage, preserved castles, enchanting nature, friendly people and the region’s protected wine variety – Cviček.

A true paradise for fans of nature and outdoor activities

  • Explore primeval forests of Kočevje and see for yourself their tree volume that exceeds 1000 cubic metres per hectare. Climb the Gorjanci Mountains with numerous springs, the best known of which is Gospodična. Discover two primeval forest reserves on Trdina Peak. Ascend Trška gora hill covered with vineyards and vineyard cottages and enjoy the magnificent view of the rolling landscape of Dolenjska while trying to hug the thickest linden tree in the region. Don’t miss out on visiting Kostanjevica na Krki, one of the smallest and oldest Slovene towns, with a charming old town core situated on an islet surrounded by the Krka River. Due to frequent flooding, the town also goes by the name of »Venice of Dolenjska«. At Otočec, visit the famous medieval castle on the islet surrounded by Krka River and enjoy a game of golf on the first-rate golf course. Explore one of the cleanest and warmest rivers in Slovenia, the Kolpa River, by boat, kayak or canoe or take a walk along its river-bed.

    More about Dolenjska

There are as many as six primeval forests in Kočevsko – one of the most interesting ones in the Kočevski Rog is the Rajhenavski rog which prides itself on a more than 500-year-old fir tree, reaching the height of 51 m – the Rog Queen.

Numerous trails and routes for hiking and cycling fans

  • There are numerous thematic routes leading across Dolenjska. We have prepared a list of 15 most interesting ones that go across meadows and forests, by the green rivers, and past the vineyards, villages and churches. Enjoy the magnificent views and unspoiled picturesque landscape to the fullest, as a couple, with your family or in a group, accompanied by our experienced guides or on your own with a map in your hand. Don’t worry about being hungry or thirsty - there are plenty of vineyard cottages, tourist farms and inns along the way.

It is said that almost every inhabitant of Dolenjska owns a vineyard cottage, a wooden or brick cottage by the vineyard. There are more than 10,000 of them in Dolenjska!

Cycling routes

  • Shorter flat routes are perfect for families with little children, whereas the more demanding cyclists will be thrilled with the experience of real endurance tours. All routes are circular with the starting point in Šmarješke Toplice or at Otočec. Their length ranges from a few kilometres to more than 65 kilometres.

    • Marked routes between Otočec Castle and the spas are suitable for everybody, just like the route over the seven hills of Novo mesto.
    • A little less than 50 kilometres is the length of the circular route to the "Venice of Dolenjska" – Kostanjevica na Krki. From there you can continue your trip to Kočarije and Veliki Ban. 
    • If you would like to get to know the rolling landscape of Dolenjska, we recommend the 65- or 55-kilometre long routes called the Wet-foot trail and the Winegrowing hills and meadows.
    • Somewhat longer climb awaits you if you decide to go to Krvavi kamen, the 928-metre high peak of the Gorjanci Hills. After a partly steep climb you can rest at the Gospodična mountain lodge, and then you can continue your trip to the spring of youth.

    Explore our bicycle, skike and walking paths.

You do not have to worry about the necessary equipment when staying at our hotels, since we will take care of everything – rental, storage and cleaning of bicycles and other equipment.

Hiking and biking hotels are a great starting point

  • Our accommodation facilities provide an excellent starting point for trips to Suha krajina – towards the spring of the Krka River –, to Bela krajina – to the riverside of the Kolpa River – and to Kočevsko – to the natural silence of a primeval forest.

    Many of our hotels are certified hiking and bike hotels, namely:

    The certificate which is awarded by the Slovenian Hiking and Cycling Economic Interest Group guarantees that you will be provided with all the necessary information on hiking trails and cycling routes in the vicinity including maps and GPS coordinates, a safe place for storing bicycles, basic equipment for their repair, washing station for bicycles and washing service and drying service for cycling equipment. What is more, you can rent or even buy bicycles or skike and hiking equipment at our facilities.