Explore Primorska

Explore Primorska

  • Go for a ramble across the region of Primorska. Routes will take you past the more than 700 years old salt pans, among olive tree, persimmon and artichoke plantations, and they will bring you to coastal towns and villages across vineyards. From the surrounding hills there are spectacular views of the green Istrian landscape, which bleeds into the endless marine blue in the distance. Start your day with some fresh fish, colourful minestrone or the Karst prosciutto and teran wine.

The short Slovene coastline stretching for 47 kilometres is full of surprises. Let its natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage of old coastal towns enchant you.

From the blue sea to the picturesque interior

  • The green Bay of Strunjan between Izola and Piran is protected as a nature reserve. Up to 80-metre high precipitous cliff walls, which constantly change their form due to strong winds and rain, will overwhelm you. Visit the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park where sea salt has been produced in the traditional way since the middle Ages and where you can watch more than 270 kinds of birds. Go and explore the interior of Slovene Istria with its picturesque villages. Get to know the Karst region inviting you with its winding roads and old stone villages as well as real gourmet pleasures. A completely different but nevertheless amazing world is hidden underground – in countless karst caves, the most famous of which is Postojna Cave. Internationally recognized winemakers of Primorska who make valued and often awarded wine take care of the good mood and loads of laughter.

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The 80-metre high Strunjan cliff is the highest flysch wall on the Adriatic coast.

Cycling routes and walking paths

  • There are eight well-marked routes with their total length of 80 kilometres that lead from the coastal spa Talaso Strunjan. Wander across the fascinating landscape on foot or by bike and visit Tartini’s Piran, the fishing town of Izola or cosmopolitan Portorož. Due to mild climate, hiking or cycling are all-year-round activities, possible even in winter.

Venture into Šavrinija, the beautiful sparse hilly world over the Dragonja River. In the season of wild asparagus you can pick this time-honoured aphrodisiac by yourself. It is said that the Romans used to bathe in wild asparagus baths.

Circular route to Portorož and Piran

  • The circular cycling route from Strunjan to Portorož and Piran which is 13 kilometres long is suitable for everybody. This route is especially interesting because it goes through the tunnel of former narrow gauge railway Parenzane that used to connect Trieste and Poreč. Today it is a part of the Trail of Health and Friendship. You can explore the route on foot as well.

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The famous avenue of 116 pines stretches along the road that leads to Strunjan. This is one of the best preserved tree-lined lanes in Slovenia with the natural monument status.

Hiking and biking hotel as an excellent starting point

  • Strunjan is an excellent starting point for exploring the coastal region – towards the north to the Italian coast and the Gulf of Trieste, and towards the south to the Dragonja River and Croatian coast. You need an hour and a half to get to Italy by bike, whereas you only have to rotate the pedals for one hour to get to Croatia. You can visit the nearby towns by the sea – Izola, Piran and Portorož; there are hiking trails and cycling routes leading to each of them.

    The Svoboda Hotel at Talaso Strunjan is proud to have been awarded with the certificate for hiking and bike hotel by the Slovenian Hiking and Cycling Economic Interest Group which guarantees that you will be provided with all the necessary information on hiking trails and cycling routes in the vicinity including maps and GPS coordinates, a safe place for storing bicycles, basic equipment for their repair, washing station for bicycles and washing service and drying service for cycling equipment. What is more, you can rent or even buy bicycles and hiking equipment at our facilities.