Treat yourself to fun and adventurous holidays at Terme Krka. Take a look at the reasons why!

Why are Terme Krka a safe haven of wellbeing?

  1. Terme Dolenjske Toplice and Šmarješke Toplice, Talaso Strunjan and Otočec Hotels are all situated in nature, far from city centres.
  2. The air in the Dolenjska woodland region is clean and unburdenedwhile the sea air in Strunjan has excellent healing effects on the airways, bronchi and lungs thanks to the particles of salt and negatively charged ions it contains.
  3. Swimming in pools with warm thermal water or seawater improves the blood flow to the body’s tissues, which in turn strengthens the body’s defence mechanisms, while visiting various saunas also helps the body to detox, relax and soothe.
  4. Several times per day, we air out all the common areas of our centres and thoroughly clean and disinfect all the surfaces that guests and employees may come into contact with.
  5. Upon entering the hotel, we measure guests and employees temperature, and guests receive a handy sanitiser when they arrive.
  6. By serving a balanced diet of freshly made food that is produced mostly locally, the food is rich in vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.

Spa break in Terme Dolenjske Toplice

Art hotel with comfortable rooms and unlimited bathing in thermal pools.

Vacations from

7800 EUR

(per person, per night)
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Spa break in Terme Šmarješke Toplice

Excellent food, thermal wells and top quality wellness service.

Unforgettable vacation from

8000 EUR

(per person, per night)
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Spa break in Talaso Strunjan

The greenest part of the Slovenian coast with warm seawater.

Vacations from

4900 EUR

(per person, per night)
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Follow your passions (2 nights)

A superb offer for an active time-off and relaxation at Otočec.

Active vacations from

23400 EUR

(2 overnight, 2 persons)
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