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When planning a getaway, it's good to know the following

Where to holiday to make the whole family happy

Finally, the holidays are upon us! If you want to relax and have a great family experience that you never have time for, read on how to plan to make the whole family happy.

Here are 6 tips to make holidays fun for the kids and the parents.  

1. Go away for at least two or three days, but avoid additional stress

After a period of hard work, it's good to rest as much as possible and to shift focus away from daily obligations. The easiest way to do that is to change the environment for a few days. To avoid too much luggage, long journeys and crowds, choose something nearby that offers comfort and activities for the whole family, even in bad weather.

2. Parents, get some rest too and don't think about the children all the time

Once you’ve »recharged your batteries«, it'll be easier for you to take care of the children. Make your stay fun for yourself, too. Choose somewhere you'll be able to relax without worrying, and enjoy activities you otherwise wouldn't. Make sure the kids get to do activities under someone else's care.

3. Swimming and experiences in the water are beneficial

Moving in (and around) water is one of the most recommended physical activities for adults and children. Water experiences are great for relieving mental tension and stress. It is especially important for children to be able to socialize without electronic devices. Swimming also strengthens the muscles, increases motor skills and affects posture. It's one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise for those who are overweight.

Swimming and having fun on the slides connect, release tension and improve self-esteem.

4. Let your getaway be a chance to awaken the senses and practice being present

Let's be open to new and different experiences that will make us grow. Everyday problems will become easier to solve. During your holiday at Terme Dolenjske Toplice, for example, you get to participate in exercises and meditations free of charge. This will calm you, help strengthen awareness and contribute to a deeper experience of nature and the present moment. With the energy of the forest, the scents and the music, you will awaken your senses, which may have been dulled by the fast pace of everyday life, impairing your perception of the surroundings. You'll learn how to easily recharge and find your inner balance. You'll also be able to help children who have difficulty concentrating or who are hyperactive.

5. Allow yourself to be spoiled and stimulate the hormones of happiness

One way to awaken the senses is through body treatments, such as massages, massage baths and cosmetics. These treatments reduce stress and constipation, increase blood flow and promote lymphatic circulation, while also nourishing the skin and increasing levels of important happiness hormones, especially oxytocin.

Take a break, enjoy the present moment, practice mindfulness and awaken your senses. 

The hormone oxytocin reduces the feeling of fear and lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol. It is also called the hormone of tenderness, because its level increases when it comes into contact with skin when hugging, breastfeeding or massaging. Skin-to-skin contact relaxes and soothes. That's why we recommend lots of hugs, touches and tenderness – praise and hug your children and your loved ones, give compliments, play with your puppy, treat yourself to a massage and a bubble bath!

6. Adrenaline-fueled adventures connect, awaken the child in you, and improve your skills and self-esteem

It's great to also have the chance to experience adrenaline-fueled activities near the water, such as water slides, which have an additional positive effect. When going down the slide, the hormone adrenaline is released in the body. Adrenaline aids you in coping with fear, while serotonin and endorphins, which give you a sense of joy, satisfaction and improved self-esteem, are also released. Shared experiences on the slides also strengthen the bond between children and their parents.

Medo Tedo, a true master of hip-hop, brings joy to children. He also makes parents happy because they know that the children are in safe hands.

Great fun for children and relaxation for parents

The thermal swimming pool at Terme Dolenjske Toplice offers a wide range of activities for young and older children. Adrenaline enthusiasts get to enjoy four water slides with a thermal pool, while pre-school children can have fun on the pirate ship and the water play areas covered with a sail to protect them from the sun. There are garden play sets, a climbing wall, a game room next to the cafe and a playground in the park. Almost every day, children can enjoy a few hours in the company of Medo Tedo, a true master of hip-hop and expressive dance, who also likes to cook and teach children how to prepare their favorite dishes in a healthy way.

Terme Dolenjske Toplice have quite a few advantages over larger and more crowded thermal rivieras:

1. The pools are known for being very clean and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Locker rooms, showers, the outdoor bar and the restaurant are just a few steps away.

3. The pool area isn't too big and is quieter. Parents can have a good sense of what's going on. The slides are a few steps away from the central swimming pool.

4. There are plenty of privacy corners, greenery and natural shade. The water play areas for the youngest are protected from the sun.

5. The swimming pool also offers relaxing underwater massages and jacuzzies.

6. Hotel Balnea, which is connected to the pool area, is ranked among the most beautiful wellness hotels in Europe.

There is no shortage of natural beauty and sights near Dolenjske Toplice. You can explore them on foot or on a bicycle which can be rented at the hotel. There's even a rainforest nearby, allowing authentic contact with wilderness.

Enjoy a dynamic, but care-free stay

There is also a large world of saunas at Terme Dolenjske Toplice, with a famous Japanese bath and an outdoor sauna with a FKK terrace. The restaurant's wide selection of dishes is based on fresh, local, organically grown food. If you're on a diet or have allergies, you will happily be catered to.

There is no shortage of natural beauty and attractions nearby, which can be reached on foot or by bicycle that can be rented at the hotel. Young families will enjoy walking paths suitable for buggies and children on dandy horses, while runners will love the well-maintained running paths nearby. Hiking, rafting, boating and tennis enthusiasts are also provided for. Evenings will be filled with Balnea Art music. You can sit on the terrace by the water mirror or enjoy a candle-lit swim.

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Art hotel with comfortable rooms and unlimited bathing in thermal pools.

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