Pojdi na vsebino

Create new experiences for you and your children

Where to go during winter holidays

Pampering for the whole family

Children loveswimming in the thermal water in winter and the wide variety of dishes they can choose from.

Enjoy a unique experience at Terme Dolenjske Toplice.

Our swimming pools are open all year round, not just during hot summer days

Swimming in the water has many benefits:

  • It relaxes the body and mind;
  • It's a great exercise and one of the best choices for spending your free time;
  • A thermal bath with underwater massage helps alleviate pain caused by prolonged sitting and tense posture due to stress or intense exercise.   

Swimming with your family is a great way to create new family experiences and the perfect time to put away all electronic devices and focus on your loved ones. In addition to the indoor pool, Terme Dolenjske Toplice also has an outdoor swimming pool where you can enjoy the sun even in winter and make sure you get enough vitamin D.

Detoxify the body, nourish the soul

Our guests are impressed by the wide choice of saunas—we have six—and they also like to enjoy our free scrubs, beauty creams and sauna programmes. Sauna bathing is excellent for detoxifying the body, as it stimulates blood circulation and sweating, as well as for cleansing air passages and increasing immunity. 

Sauna bathing is recommended all year round and is a great preventive measure against winter colds. 

Our guests' experience

"I love the artistic ambient of Hotel Balnea. The interior is beautiful and entertaining—even our nine-year-old boy noticed interesting graphics and funny signs in the elevator. I was most impressed by the sauna world and the exercises for mindfulness, while my husband loved the concert in the evening and the outdoor thermal pool. I must also mention the selection of dishes, which are mostly organic and local."

Massage restores your energy and relaxes your body

Massage helps relieve a range of problems in adults, adolescents and children:

  • Relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system;
  • Relieves pain and helps with sleep problems;
  • Strengthens the immune system, eases anxiety and reduces hyperactivity;
  • Prevents lower back, shoulder, and neck pain, which is often caused by sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

We have a special offer for families

During school holidays, two children can stay for free (one child under 12 years and one child under 6 years). 

For children, we organise games and dancing with Ted the Bear and a few other surprises.

Exercises to increase mindfulness

During your holiday at Terme Dolenjske Toplice, we invite you to join our exercises to increase mindfulness and vitality. You can choose from:

  • Forest and sound baths;
  • Mindful walks;
  • Breathing exercises and heart coherence exercises.


The exercises are designed to help you relax and cope with problems in everyday life as well as deal with challenges in your relationships. 

Art hotel with comfortable rooms and unlimited bathing in thermal pools.

Vacations from

9540 EUR

(per person, per night)

One of the top seven wellness hotels in Europe.

A romantic getaway from

56000 EUR

(2 nights, 2 persons)

Every couple needs a romantic getaway.

A romantic getaway from

48500 EUR

(2 nights, 2 people)

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