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Treat yourself to something nice in the last days of this year

December festive pampering at Terme Krka

Magical, relaxing, calm

During the festive days of December, the thermal experiences at Terme Krka combine with a magical atmosphere to create the perfect sanctuary for relaxation, enjoyment and daydreaming. The spas and wellness centres in Dolenjske Toplice, Šmarješke Toplice and the seaside resort of Strunjan will welcome guests with attractive December offers in a warm, fragrant and Christmas-decorated environment.

And in the world of saunas, luxurious relaxation rituals will reign supreme in December

The programmes will be tailored to the Christmas and New Year atmosphere and promise a winter ice fairy tale experience - with the scent of mountain herbs, cinnamon and orange essential oils... All with the aim of total relaxation and accompanied by typical festive music to set the mood.


Terme Dolenjske Toplice masaze
bozicna masaza terme krka

Two massages will stand out among the wellness services:

1. Christmas massage: A 40-minute relaxing full-body massage, where therapists will use a special Christmas oil. Guests will experience a real Christmas fairy tale in a Christmas scented room, with pleasant Christmas music and a soothing massage.

 (40 min, 44 EUR)

2. Golden Massage: 70-minute experience with golden oil - a full body massage including a gentle facial and foot massage. Soothing for body, skin and mood. More than an hour's journey into a magical world that will leave guests with the soft sensations of a time when everything is possible.

(70 min, 80 EUR)



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Terme Dolenjske Toplice

Vitarium Spa & Beauty

Terme Šmarješke Toplice

Vitarium Spa & Clinique

Talaso Strunjan

Vitarium Spa & Thalasso

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