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Otočec Castle restaurant and its chef Nejc Ban in the fine company of the Michelin Guide

Castle Restaurant awarded with "The Michelin plate"

Michelin’s search for the most recognisable culinary destinations in the world to award led their anonymous and stringent inspectors to Slovenia. At the June reveal of Slovenia’s recipients of the famous stars in Ljubljana, six restaurants and their chefs were in the spotlight, while a number of other Slovenian restaurants – including Otočec Castle and its chef Nejc Ban –  received special commendations and a place in the so-called Red Bible.

The Plate Michelin, an award that inspectors bestowed on 37 restaurants including the Otočec Castle restaurant and its young chef Nejc Ban, highlights fresh ingredients, carefully prepared and good meals. They were impressed by the focus on local specialities and ingredients, the seasonal offer of vegetables, berries and herbs from the castle’s organic garden, as well as the restaurant itself. They recognised it as one of the most wonderful interiors and rated it with three covers represented by the knife and fork symbol. The Plate Michelin, which also means that the Otočec Castle restaurant, in one of Slovenia’s most beautiful tourist destinations, is deemed visit-worthy, brought us great joy here at Otočec.

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Michelin's awards

Michelin’s awards, particularly its stars, are top culinary awards that bring with them a reputation, recognition and a great culinary responsibility – to preserve, nurture and develop the offer, quality, and atmosphere. At Otočec, we will do everything to fulfill and surpass all these expectations.

chef nejc ban otocec grad

Chef Nejc Ban

Nejc Ban is a creative and spirited culinary artist, who finds inspiration in the local and seasonal flavors of his native surroundings and interprets them in an original way. He began his career in the kitchen of Otočec Castle, where the ambiance and opportunities to express his culinary creativity led to him becoming our resident chef. Within the castle walls and in the company of dedicated colleagues, he continuously tests out new techniques of preparing superlative dishes and designing circular creations to the delight of the castle guests. 

He retains the natural flavors of meat and vegetables and presents high-quality local and seasonal ingredients in a regionally characteristic way. He is able to create a variety of textures and present dishes in an imaginative way, intertwining them with an inspiring culinary castle story and building on their recognizable character.

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