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Aesthetic and musical delights during you stay at Terme Dolenjske Toplice

Balnea Art – Hotel Balnea's Artistic Side

»Sculptors and painters used to collaborate with architects in designing buildings. Today, this unfortunately often boils down to just hanging paintings due to limited resources and client misunderstandings,« say architects Dušan Končar and Alenka Dešman. »We managed to rise beyond that with Hotel Balnea in Terme Dolenjske Toplice.«

Architects Dušan Končar and Alenka Dešman

Zora Stančič's graphics and applications and Primož Pugelj's sculptures are part of the interior and the surroundings of the hotel. They add value to the architecture and the outside space. The rooms are decorated with Borut Peterlin's photographs that create a special atmosphere with their documentary style and high artistic quality. The suites are adorned by Todorčeta Atanasova and Dušan Kirbiša's paintings.

Something for art and design enthusiasts

Photographer Borut Peterlin chose his photographs with the help of an architect. The selection was heavily influenced by the aesthetics of photography. The photos were taken in the local environment and instill in the viewer a sense of grace, familiarity and warmth.

Academic sculptor Primož Pugelj and visual artist Zora Stančič

Academic sculptor Primož Pugelj's works adorn the interior and the outside of Hotel Balnea. There's the majestic redfish, which can be found in the nearby Krka river, as well as the mysterious faces, each telling their own story. Zora Stančič, a visual artist, has created a plethora of different images, playful, witty or pondering, that elicit memories of the viewer's own stories.

The architects created an ambiance that puts guests at ease

By choosing unusual elements, natural materials and colors, and by opening the space up to nature, the guests get to escape the urban hustle and bustle and relax completely.

Laughter in the elevator and interesting stories in the park

While taking an elevator at Hotel Balnea, you can marvel at witty thoughts and jokes from various authors that reveal many a truth about life. In the park, stories are told by wooden sculptures created by different authors during sculpture workshops.

Anything to feel good

Even the most demanding wellness guests will be spoiled by spacious suites with fireplaces, hot tubs and a wonderful view from the large wooden balconies overlooking the park with centenary trees and wooden sculptures. Going beyond trends and architectural guidelines for touristic facilities, the architecture here is timeless, current and of lasting quality.

Visual and musical delights

The elegant designer Hotel Balnea also attracts musicians that find inspiration for their work in the hotel's artistic surroundings. They like to spend short breaks in Terme Dolenjske Toplice and play their hits for hotel guests.

»When I walk around Hotel Balnea, I feel like I am exploring an art gallery. As a musician, I always find inspiration for my creative process here and I always like to come back. I like to swim and relax in the thermal pool with my daughter. I recommend Hotel Balnea to everyone, from families to lovers.«

Singer Anika Horvat

Guests can enjoy a variety of music genres

The ambiance of the café and the terrace by the water mirror is perfect for relaxing nights with good music and cocktails.

Strengthening the cultural ethos and striving for a better and richer life

At Terme Krka, we realize that culture is a special spiritual sanctuary that adds value to life and is extremely important for society. We support various cultural genres and activities that enrich all of our lives.

Art hotel with comfortable rooms and unlimited bathing in thermal pools.

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One of the top seven wellness hotels in Europe.

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