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Culinary pampering with a beautiful castle ambience

Architectural gems at Otočec Castle

Fans of beautiful ambiences - welcome to Castle Otočec

Otočec Castle is situated on a small island in the middle of the Krka river, which in this part is dotted with tufa rock formations and islets. It was built at least as early as the 13th century and then added to at various times. It is the only preserved water castle in Slovenia, one of the most beautiful sights and a cultural monument of national importance.

Five-star hotel and restaurant, which is also mentioned in the Michelin guide

Behind its thick walls, interesting architecture from different periods are hidden, and it is one of Slovenia's most attractive five-star hotels and restaurant. Inside, the interior impresses with uniquely designed furnishings, in the spirit of Gothic and Renaissance, but also incorporating modern lines and striking details. Natural materials such as solid walnut wood, glass and wrought iron characterise the interior. The interior of the castle is a fascinating blend of past and present. If you like beautiful surroundings with a story to tell, you are welcome to take a walk around the castle.

Grad Otocec Slovenia suite
Castle Suite

We have 16 luxuriously furnished rooms waiting for you, including two royal suites. The originally renovated hotel Otočec Castle enables a unique experience of past times with the complete comfort of today.

Grad otocec meni
Castle cuisine

The Castle Restaurant and its gastronomic team are committed to preparing natural, local, fresh and delicious food. For this reason, the 2022 Michelin Guide recommends a visit.

The interior of the castle is an interesting intertwining of past and present

The interior of the castle was completely renovated in 2007. During the renovation, the investor, Terme Krka, followed the guidelines of conservators in order to preserve the authentic architecture of the fairytale castle. Aware that the castle is an important part of Slovenian history, culture and the lives of the local people, who are very proud of it, local craftsmen and suppliers were invited to carry out the renovation, and the materials were sourced locally.

grad otocec vhod

Entrance to the hotel building, which is the oldest part of the castle – dating from the 13th and 14th centuries.

grajski vhod

Baroque vault to the right, and late Gothic portals to the left and straight ahead.

grajska kavarna

A late Gothic portal leads to the glass-enclosed café.

grajski vhod grad otocec

The entrance portal of the walls is typical of the Renaissance at the end of the 15th century.

Courtyard within the castle walls

From within the walls, take a look at the beautiful arcades and the Gothic windows along them, and the Gothic window in the corridor along the south wing of the castle. These are some of the castle's most precious and oldest details.

romanticni grad

Between the walls and the entrance to the hotel and restaurant is a decorative cobbled courtyard, which is often the setting for wedding or romantic photos. The decoration is reminiscent of astrological signs. Which one is yours? Can you find it in among the cobblestones?

grajska restavracija

The view from the castle terrace extends to the arcades and Gothic windows.

grajski pomol2

The corners of the central building where the hotel is located are adorned with two piers, the most artistically interesting component of the building. On one of them, three frescoes are barely visible.

grajski pomol grad otocec

The first shows a rider – a hunter on a white horse, holding a falcon in his left hand, the second a man rowing – probably across the Krka river, and the third a woman leaning on a windowsill, curiously observing her surroundings. The interior of the oriel window areas is also beautiful, utilised by the two castle suites.

Outside the castle walls

Did you spot some of the beautiful details on the entrance to the walls, on the Renaissance entrance portal? There you can admire two beautiful marble medallions with maiden faces, two wrought coats of arms – one of the noble Villanders family and the other of General Baron Ivan Lenkovič, and the remains of a painted sundial.

grad otocec simboli
Two marble medallions

Grajski zid krasita dva kovana grba – eden predstavlja plemiško družino Villandersov, drugi grb pa generala barona Ivana Lenkoviča.

grad otocec GRBI
Marble medallions with maiden face

There you can admire two beautiful marble medallions with maiden faces

Experiences on Otočec

Sleep in a castle suite, enjoy a sumptuous breakfast served in your room if you wish, tea with a freshly baked cake by the fireplace, a delicious dinner of exciting flavours in the castle's Michelin plate restaurant ... And in between, a stroll among the centuries-old trees in the castle park, a leisurely stroll along the Krka river and watching the herons and swans resting at the top of the mighty dam, pampering in the thermal pool and saunas of the nearby Hotel Sport ... you are invited to live a castle fairy tale for a day or two.

The magical energy of the surrounding nature

The castle island is surrounded by the famous tufa rock formations, over which the water playfully foams into picturesque water curtains. Centuries-old trees stand awe-inspiring along the Krka river's banks, swan families glide across the green surface of the water... There is a special energy that awakens creative inspiration in artists – painters, writers, poets, photographers – and is also felt by everyday visitors who listen to the wonder of nature and the echo of ancient mysteries.

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