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Effective rehabilitation after cardiovascular disease

If you suffer from any of the diseases of the cardiovascular system, you are not alone: these problems account for 40% of all chronic diseases and causes of disability, premature aging, and death. At Terme Krka, we can help you. We effectively treat cardiovascular complications and post-operative conditions. Rehabilitation programmes for cardiovascular diseases are provided at Terme Šmarješke Toplice.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Are you a heart patient? Improve your health with the right treatments and exercises, as determined by a specialist examination.

At Terme Šmarješke Toplice, our experts specialise in treating cardiovascular diseases, such as:

  • Heart attack recovery
  • Angina pectoris
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Heart muscle disease
  • Heart surgery recovery
  • Peripheral, arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation disorders
  • Vascular surgery recovery
  • High blood pressure


With state-of-the-art pressotherapy, we help you increase performance and reduce pain.

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