Massages, beauty treatments and baths for couples

The Aura Centre in Dolenjske Toplice is a kingdom land of luxurious facials (even including for men!), relaxing and soothing massages, and cosy baths for two in thermal spring water. Check out our extensive range of services and spend time alone – or in with a company.

Massages at Terme Dolenjske Toplice

We have prepared a wide selection of massages at the Aura Centre. Whether you just want a little pampering and relaxation, or maybe whether you have a specific problem you want to solve, we have a massage for you. We also offer massages for pregnant women and even a massage for children.

Beauty treatments

The Oasis Centre offers a perfect selection of beauty treatments and services. Learn about our refreshing or rejuvenating facial treatments as well as various hand and foot care treatments. Among our offers, you will find treatments designed for men's facial skin. No matter what you choose, you will return home more looking beautiful and confident.

Baths for two

Do you want some uninterrupted time for two? We suggest you try one of our beloved couples’ baths. With the soothing effects of thermal spring water and a nice beverage, you will feel reborn. We especially recommend or combining our romantic baths with a massage.

Additional information and reservations

Dolenjske Toplice Spa

Zdraviliški trg 7
SI-8350 Dolenjske Toplice

+386 8 20 50 300

For any additional information on the range of massages, beauty treatments and baths, contact us or call us. We will be happy to answer.