Where to go?

The Dolenjska Lower Carniola region is the ideal place for active relaxation. We have come up with some ideas for you, but do not don’t forget to ask us about them during your stay with us. We will be happy to share with you the hidden corners that only the locals know.our local knowledge of the hidden corners of our region.

Kočevski Rog

If you are fond of unspoiled nature and are also interested in history, take a trip to Kočevski Rog. HereThere, in one of the most extensive forests in Slovenia, where the woodlands extend from Bela krajina to Kočevje, is the famous Base 20, the nerve-centre for the commanders of the Partisan movement during World War II. Exhibits are housed in the preserved huts. You can also visit the recently opened Škrilj Bunker, which is a time capsule from the Cold War era.

Ribnica and Kočevje

Take a trip to Ribnica, the birthplace of ‘suha roba’ – Slovenia’s traditional woodenware woodcraft and pottery, where the well-known Ribnica craft fair is held each year. On your way there, take a detour to Kočevje, where you can deepen your connection to nature in the lush forests of Kočevje and observe karst phenomena and animals you will not be able to won't see anywhere else.

Bela Krajina

Discover Bela Krajina – the land of white birch trees and the Slovenian folklore character of Green George, the land of beautiful Easter eggs and many other old traditions. This green landscape, studded with vineyards and deciduous forests, hides within its many caves and sinkholes. Take a stroll among the little churches, stone houses, and traditional haystacks.

Novo Mesto

Admire the charming center of the Dolenjska Lower Carniola region from different viewpoints. Walk along a pilgrimage route or explore the old town center and its rich cultural heritage. Take a stroll past the famous fountain on its main square, visit the Dolenjska Lower Carniola Museum and the Jakčev Dom gallery, and enjoy the view of the Breg and the dreamy Krka River below.

Kolpa River

The Kolpa River, situated on the border of Slovenia and Croatia, stretches for nearly 300 kilometers and is one of our cleanest and most picturesque rivers. Get to know it by canoe or kayak, enjoy fishing in some fishing, or even take a swim in the summer heat of summer. While you are getting to know the beauties of Bela Krajina, don’t miss out on the Lahinj Landscape Park, which will reward you with its pristine nature.