Medical wellness programmes


Stress less, live more

  • Unhealthy responses to stress put our life at risk. Our programme, carried out at Talaso Strunjan, will teach you how to identify stress and how to react properly to it. In addition to learning several relaxation techniques, you will also be able to relax with the help of relaxation and skin-care treatments and physical activity.

  • Stress less, live more

    6. 1.–30. 12. 2020

    A professionally guided programme
    from 636 € (5 overnight stays at the Svoboda Hotel)

    Discover effective relaxation techniques

Healthy Ageing programme – for a longer and better life

  • Prevent premature ageing:

    Unfortunately, we all see and feel the consequences of ageing and nobody can avoid them. However, we can slow down the ageing process by influencing our biological age. A healthy lifestyle helps us maintain the quality of our everyday routines both physically and mentally alike.