About Strunjan

  • Strunjan, the green jewel of the Slovene coastal area with its peaceful seaside location, mild climate, and saltpan bay offers optimal conditions for a bioclimatic health resort. Its location right by the sea in the middle of the protected landscape park will establish a close contact between you and nature and thus create the conditions that will help you do what is best for your health.

Climatic health resort

  • It is a renowned Slovene climatic health resort and thalassotherapy centre thanks to its wealth of natural assets, especially the seawater and sea products. People of all ages seeking peace in the pristine nature are here to boost their health and improve their wellbeing. It is the right place to relieve problems caused by pulmonary and rheumatic diseases as well as to treat conditions following injuries and surgical procedures on the musculoskeletal system.

Excellent professional care

  • Since health problems are an integral part of life, a specialist team, state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment and the area's natural assets form the basis for effective rehabilitation and proactive prevention. Our guests and patients receive highly individualised and personalised treatment. The health resort has an emergency service available around the clock. 

Relax and explore

  • With its health resort facilities and its long-established tradition of fruit- and wine-growing, salt-making and growing spring vegetables, this coastal area is an excellent choice for people seeking relaxation in the unspoilt nature. It is also a great starting point for curious explorers who like to discover and experience many new things during their holiday or treatment. It is situated not far from the coastal towns of Piran and Portorož and quaint Istrian villages and has direct access to seaways leading to Trieste or Venice.

80 kilometres of walking paths

  • Take a walk along the exciting, yet safe paths running from Strunjan to Piran or Izola - explore the network of eight signposted routes which cover a total distance of 80 km and run across unspoilt nature of the coastal landscape park.  A map of walking paths is available free of charge for hotel guests, whereas visitors can buy the map at the reception desk.

Within strollers’ reach

  • There are signposted paths leading to many other places as well. One of them takes you to the medieval town of Piran and on to the fashionable seaside resort of Portorož. If you take the path that leads through a tunnel where the former Trieste–Poreč narrow gauge railway used to run, you can get from the incredibly scenic Strunjan to the lively cosmopolitan resort town of Portorož in less than an hour. Another path towards Portorož runs through olive groves. All the routes are marked on the map of Piran walking paths.

The configuration of the terrain is ideal for Nordic walking, and the mild climate makes it possible to engage in this activity all year round, including winter.

Slovene Istria

  • Explore the 47 kilometres of the Slovene coast, visit charming old villages as well as other sights of this special Adriatic peninsula.

Countless adventures despite its small size

  • Strunjan’s excellent location among the twelve Slovene coastal towns makes it an excellent starting point for exploring - towards the north to the Italian coast, to the Gulf of Trieste, and towards the south to the river Dragonja and the Croatian coast.

Experience a different view of the coast – go for a trip on a tourist boat.

Cultural, sporty and fun

  • Feel the authenticity of times past while listening to the sounds of summer events in Piran, the birthplace of the famous violin virtuoso and composer Giuseppe Tartini. In Izola, you will be taken by the fishing tradition whereas Portorož, Portorose or the port of roses in Italian, has become a true cosmopolitan tourist centre.

The unique saltpan scenery, which also features the only lagoon on the Slovenian seacoast, Stjuža, is home to more than 270 bird species.

Explore Istrian cuisine flavours

  • Slovene Istria is only a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea. It is a region marked with ethnographic and culinary tradition. Istrian villages will teach you everything you need to know about virgin olive oil production; you can taste exquisite Istrian dishes with fresh vegetables, artichokes and asparagus in spring, and truffles in autumn, and toast with excellent wines of Primorska.

The fascinating coastal towns of Izola, Piran and Portorož are just a stone's throw away, whereas in the hinterland the beauties of Istrian villages await.

Strunjan Landscape Park

  • While visiting Strunjan, Terme Krka’s climatic health resort, you will be impressed by the natural and cultural heritage monuments of this protected area.

One of Slovene protected areas

  • Strunjan is an exceptional place with very special natural gems - visit the highest cliff in the Adriatic, the ancient saltpans, Stjuža, the only lagoon on the Slovenian seacoast, and a breathtaking pine-lined avenue.

Natural and cultural heritage

  • Some of our hotels overlook the ancient saltpans and offer you a spectacular view as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. These saltpans are part of the more widely known Piran saltpans, whose earliest written reference dates back to the year 804. They were the Republic of Venice's largest saltpans between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Salt with tradition

  • In the saltpans – the northernmost in the Mediterranean – salt is still being produced in the traditional way. This unique saltpan scenery, which also features the only lagoon on the Slovenian seacoast, Stjuža, is a remarkable and unrivalled combination of plant and animal habitats.

Green energy

  • There is a charging station for electric vehicles available at Talaso Strunjan - this is just one of Terme Krka’s many attempts to make people aware that they should use energy effectively and act responsibly with regard to the environment.