Patient care during rehabilitation


  • The patient is being taken care of from the moment he or she establishes first contact with us on the phone till his or her check-out. The patient’s wellbeing is looked after by a highly qualified, synchronised and dedicated team of health resort’s personnel. 

Booking service

  • Our first contact is made when the booking service is contacted by the patient. The patient can book all the desired examinations, services, and physicians. The guest can also book only medical services without accommodation at the health resort and the office coordinates the guest’s wishes with the availability of the equipment, physical therapy and specialist doctors.

Rehabilitation is only effective when it is tailor-made and comprehensive and when it is provided continuously and life-long.

Our personnel pay special attention to the guests with small tokens. Satisfied guests who return to our health resorts again and again are a living proof that this approach is the right one.

Stationary rehabilitation or outpatient rehabilitation

  • Stationary rehabilitation is composed of at least a 7-day continuous programme which provides the patient with the experience of an individually tailored lifestyle, a lifestyle that the patient will continue in his or her home environment, from the diet to organisation of physical and other activities. In case you cannot stay at our health resort due to your daily duties, you can try our outpatient rehabilitation – this is yet another way of taking good care of you.

Enjoy the company of a companion during rehabilitation

  • Due to the fact that stationary rehabilitation is a change that has a significant impact on all the family, it is of key importance that the patient’s partner or another family member takes part in the stationary rehabilitation. Involvement of the patient’s partner into the rehabilitation process brings about numerous direct and indirect advantages for the patient as well as the family.