Programmes for athletes


  • Athletes come to our spa for relaxation weekends, conditioning, specialist examinations, and most often for rehabilitation following surgery. Our aim is to prepare the athletes to be able to take part in their training and to re-enter the competitions as soon as possible. 

We cooperate closely with orthopaedic surgeons who treat Slovene athletes. They also plan and monitor rehabilitation as consultants together with our experts.

Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system injuries

  • A rehabilitation plan is prepared by a physical and rehabilitation medicine specialist based on the findings of the initial examination and functional testing. Treatments are complemented by an appropriate nutrition plan, familiarisation with the disease’s nature, presentation of and instruction on how to perform the exercises, and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.

Cutting-edge equipment is used in order to assess the condition of the patient and for hydro-, thermo-, electro- and mechanotherapy.

Rehabilitation in lower extremity surgery and diseases (hip, knee and ankle)

  • Injuries and surgery of the lower extremity joints are quite common in athletes. Hip, thigh bone, shinbone and ankle fractures cause immediate walking inability and consequently inability to actively participate in competitions. It is mandatory that the correct walking pattern is restored which is achieved with the help of prompts (crutches, stilt). The programme includes exercises for the joints, reduction of the swelling and strengthening of the muscles. We use state-of-the-art methods of physical and rehabilitation medicine as well as the beneficial effects of thermal water for hydrotherapy as soon as the condition allows. Professional rehabilitation means faster and complete recuperation after major surgery.


Rehabilitation of patients with shoulder diseases and injuries

  • Professional rehabilitation is obligatory after any shoulder joint surgery, for it is the only way to restore the arm function. The goal of rehabilitation is to reduce or eliminate the pain, to improve flexibility and muscle strength, and to restore the arm function. An individualised rehabilitation programme enables faster and complete recuperation after the surgery.


Follow-up rehabilitation after knee surgery and injuries

  • The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the human body. It is relatively unstable, which is one of the reasons for the large number of injuries. This rehabilitation programme is intended for all those with an injured cruciate ligament and those who despite successful rehabilitation following a knee surgical procedure still experience pain or poorer knee function. The aim of the programme is to restore the normal movement of the knee joint.


Back pain treatment

  • Athletes commonly experience back pain. It is caused by utmost and inappropriate back strain during practice, repeated movements and unnatural position of the spine. The aim of rehabilitation is to eliminate the pain, improve flexibility and muscle strength and thus improve the quality of life.


Sports injury rehabilitation is treated individually, which is of key importance for the success of the rehabilitation. Each rehabilitation programme is tailor-made.