Cuisine at Talaso Strunjan


  • We are what we eat. Our strength, health and wellbeing are defined by food. We are well aware of this and that is why we prepare dishes from organic fresh produce for our guests. We use our balanced and tailor-made menus to educate our guests and thus help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to improve your wellbeing with the help of a healthy diet. Listen to your body – it will tell you what it needs.

Dining healthy food... for a better wellbeing

  • Dishes served to our guests at Talaso Strunjan combine two worlds of flavours - the world of traditional Mediterranean food prepared following the precious recipes of our grandmothers and the world of light wellness food prepared in accordance with the latest healthy food trends.

Mediterranean food is rich with unsaturated fats, fibre, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals which have a beneficial effect on our health and wellbeing.

Healthy, balanced diet

  • Healthy nutrition in our fast pace of life means a balanced, wholesome diet and only such can help us deal with daily challenges and achieve our goals. That is why it is important that we eat food which makes us stronger and which improves our good mood. The wide range of high-quality dishes at our restaurants is made of produce of local origin with the certificate of organic or integrated production.

We adapt to the needs of our guests

  • Our offer can be customized to meet our guests’ needs, wishes and eating habits. When choosing foodstuff we consider nutrition content, the amount of food needed to balance daily energy needs and nutrient intake, and eating rhythm. Learn from our experience and let the good habits become your daily routine.

Talaso Strunjan Restaurant

  • Our guests at Talaso Strunjan are served diverse dishes with the emphasis on healthy and high quality food. Sea fish, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and red wine are the main aspects of our cuisine. As we use locally grown fruit and vegetables, you will be able to enjoy the fruits grown in the warm fertile soil of the Slovenian coast in the gentle mistral’s breeze.

Eco-friendly culinary tale

  • Ask for drinks and dishes made from local produce of organic or integrated production. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

    • Local food is eco-friendly. We pollute the environment less thanks to short transport routes.
    • By cooperating with local producers we promote sustainable development.
    • While having breakfast you will notice that hardly any food comes packed in portions.
    • Why don’t you try out the dishes at the organic corner?
    • We have our own herb gardens and herb pots.
    • Most of the drinks that we sell come in reusable bottles. Moreover, we tend to use as few plastic spoons in our restaurant as possible.
    • One of the criteria we consider when purchasing dishwashers is heat recovery system which saves valuable energy with every wash cycle, thereby reducing operating costs.
    • Our kitchens are equipped with energy-saving electrical appliances.
    • We are careful with cleaning agents, too.