Pools and saunas

Šmarješke Toplice


  • The green surroundings with their beneficial climate and healing springs of thermal water is the perfect place to maintain and recapture your health and energy for a healthy lifestyle. The wellness offer at Terme Šmarješke Toplice combines services to relax after a long day, while also opening a path to a healthy way of life using comprehensive programmes of medical wellness that can change your lifestyle. The best time to take that first step is now! 


A feast of water in a green setting. Pools for relaxation, lap swimming and for children to wade and play.


  • Vitarium Aqua is Terme Šmarješke Toplice’s world of thermal pools, saunas, popular exfoliation scrubs, wraps and massages as well as relaxation baths. As there are all types of people, we offer all types of saunas. But the guiding principle is to enjoy, relax and sweat. At Šmarješke Toplice spa resort, guests can choose from a Roman, Turkish and Finnish sauna, as well as a herb and IR sauna, or even a rustic Finnish sauna called the Inn of Bela Krajina where you end your experience by rubbing your body with ice from the glacial well.