Cardiovascular diseases

Šmarješke Toplice

  • Cardiovascular diseases are the leading chronic diseases as they represent 40% of them. They are one of the most common causes of low functional capacity, early aging and death. We have been successfully treating cardiovascular and postoperative complications and conditions at Terme Krka for numerous years.

Are you a heart patient? Improve your health condition with suitable and well-defined exercises in accordance with your specialist examination results.

Medical treatment and rehabilitation

  • Our experts are specialized in the treatment of the following cardiovascular diseases:

    • conditions following a heart attack,
    • angina pectoris,
    • heart rhythm disorders,
    • heart muscles diseases,
    • conditions following heart surgery,
    • peripheral, arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation disorders,
    • conditions following vascular surgery,
    • hypertension.

Cutting-edge pressotherapy will help you increase your abilities and reduce the pain.