• Adventure Park

    Ground-breaking climbing adventure is appealing to children as well as grown-ups. The adventure park is visited by families, individuals and groups. They improve their physical as well as mental abilities by participating in the activities and rediscover their need and desire for team work. Visitors are lifted up into the treetops where they commence their exciting climbing journey among the trees along the range made up of bridges, ladders, nets and other props. The range is composed of 4 unique tracks with 46 different climbing adventures.

  • Food variety and a healthy diet

    Our experienced gastronomy team at the Šport Hotel will tailor the food to your liking. Your event can be enhanced with traditional cuisine specialties, organic food or seafood and other dishes. We offer assorted menus, hot and cold buffet, finger food, cauldron food and grilled food. All this is seasoned with professional and obliging service.

  • Golf

    Visit one of the longest and most appealing golf courses in Slovenia, suitable for high-ranking professional and amateur golfers and beginners alike. A state-of-the-art golf course, designed to the highest industry standards, offers just about everything a golfer's heart could desire. Enjoy your round at Otočec!