Novo mesto

In the heart of Dolenjska

  • Novo mesto, also called the metropolis of the Dolenjska region, was founded in 1365 with the granting of a charter to the town on a bend in the Krka River by Rudolf IV, Duke of Austria. Officially named Rudolfswert, the town steadily grew as Novo Mesto and soon became the administrative, cultural, religious and business hub of the region. Its wealth of natural splendours, tradition and culture can be a true experience for any visitor. There are many cultural monuments and points of interest in the town, plus an exceptionally rich archaeological heritage on display in the Dolenjska Museum.

Novo Mesto is asking you out on a date. Visit the town, get to know it, and you will fall in love with it for sure, for far and wide there isn't a town more scenic and alive with emotion and longing than Novo Mesto.

Natural and cultural heritage

  • Novo Mesto lies in the heart of the rolling Dolenjska landscape, in the embrace of the Krka River. Many see the Krka valley, particularly upriver from Novo Mesto, as the most beautiful river valley in the country. The valley's idyllic character is underlined by soft riverbanks, picturesque rapids and natural dams. Its unique charm derives from numerous water mills and castles, which blend in with the scenery to paint a magnificent image of times past.

Perfect starting point for active time off

  • For an even more pleasant stay, the town has numerous vantage points, pilgrimage routes, sports and other facilities, as well as lush forests with walking paths and plenty of possibilities for hunting, fishing and gathering fruits of the forest. You can start your day with a workout at the hotel fitness studio, then try out a game of golf at the Otočec Golf Course, take a swim and relax at the nearby Dolenjske Toplice Spa or Šmarješke Toplice Spa, or go fishing, rafting or boating down the Krka River, and finish the day with a relaxing massage at the hotel’s massage parlour Bio Dinedra. The fascinating region of Dolenjska is waiting for you to explore it.