Therapeutic areas and medical treatment programmes

Dolenjske Toplice

  • At Dolenjske Toplice Spa we have specialized in treatment and rehabilitation of the following:

Musculoskeletal diseases

  • Various rheumatic disorders and osteoporosis, the disease of the elderly that most commonly affects women, are the most common musculoskeletal diseases that can hinder your daily activities a great deal.


Musculoskeletal system injuries and surgery

  • Injuries of the musculoskeletal system are nowadays the most common cause of severe and long-term pain and their rehabilitation depends on successful early post-operative rehabilitation.


Neurological disorders

  • Stroke, atherosclerosis, neuralgia and neuropathy are the most common neurological disorders affecting women as well as men. Early or immediate rehabilitation is of key importance and it enables numerous patients to gain independence. It is based on the latest findings and state-of-the-art techniques. 


Malignant diseases

  • Various problems tend to occur after radical surgery on the reproductive organs or breasts and after partial mastectomy despite the appropriate hospital treatment. Dolenjske Toplice Spa has been successfully treating them for numerous years. Our spa has been known for treating women’s diseases since the very beginning more than a hundred years ago.



  • Natural healing agents at Terme Krka are not recommended for patients with:

    • acute infectious diseases,
    • mental illnesses, severe forms of dementia,
    • metastatic cancer,
    • decompensation (functional deterioration) of vital organs.

Patient care during rehabilitation

  • The patient is being taken care of from the moment he or she establishes first contact with us on the phone till his or her check-out. The patient’s wellbeing is looked after by a highly qualified, synchronised and dedicated team of health resort’s personnel.